Street Map Setup

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Where to access the district's list of streets

The district's streets can be managed on the Setup > Districts > Streets tab. Here you will find a listing of all Street Codes, and some properties on them.

The Street Code Record

*Street Map CodeThe unique 'code' of the street on file. Each code can only be used once.  
*Street NameThe official name of the street. This is what will be used for addresses in mailings. 
*Display TextThis is the alternate name for the street. Controls how the street name displays in dropdown lists, such as when adding new addresses or registering students.
Lowest/Highest House NumberUsed for longer streets that need to be split into two or more streets, for the purpose of registering students into different schools (based on street + house number).
Odd / Even / AllIndication of whether this street represents ALL houses on the street, or only 'odd' or only 'even' houses. 
Street Directionex: North North-West = NNW
One Way StreetYes or No
Resident District CodeUsed for defaulting student's Resident District when registering
Zip CodeUsed for automatically assigning City and Zip Code when adding a new address.
CommentsUsed for any notes or comments about this street
WardDivision of the city or town for administrative purposes
ZoneDivision of the city or town for administrative purposes
*Street Map SeqControls the order in which the streets are listed in the dropdown lists and setup screen.
District Grade LevelsThe grade levels to the right control where the student will be enrolled if they live on this street. Each grade level has a dropdown for the district school, and each can be set with a different school assignment.
This is ONLY used if Genesis should auto-select the enrolled school for new students.

*Required field

Note: Separate template files are used to import streets and assign streets to school/grade levels. The Street Map file will add your streets, and includes everything above except populating schools in the District Grade Levels.
The Street Map School file will only populate the district's schools in the different grade level fields.

Adding a New Street Map Code

To add a new listing to the district's Street Map, start by going to Setup > Districts > Streets

Click into the Add Street tab. 

You will be brought to the above screen, but the form will be blank.

Fill out the details of your new street, and click Save.

Question: What if we have a street where students may be enrolled into TWO possible schools, depending on their house number? 

Answer: There are times when you may have to duplicate street records, especially for longer streets. In the following example, 5th grade students who live on Buckelew Ave can go to two possible schools based on house number. To do this, we created 2 copies of "Buckelew Ave"...

According to this setup, a 5th grader living at #5 Buckelew Avenue should attend Lincoln Elementary School. And a 5th grader living at #300 Buckelew Avenue would go to Kingston Elementary School instead.

The Street Name field should be the same for both street records, as this is the official street name. However, the display text can be differentiated so users know which one to select in street drop downs. 

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