Global Connect Integration

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Global Connect

Students File

Genesis will analyze student's attendance for the day. By default, Genesis will only look at students who are in a school marked as In District and Count in State Reporting. This can be overridden by selecting schools on the task scheduler  screen. If a student is found to have an attendance code that qualifies for export, then that student will be included in the file. Attendance Codes that qualify can be configured under Attendance.Codes. Simply modify a code and switch the "Use for Autodialer" flag to Yes.

If still on on original Genesis Contact system, the student MUST have a phone number in the LS - Home record to receive a phone call.  If you have converted to Contacts2, the student must have a primary phone number listed on one of her Guardian records to receive a phone call.

The Global Connect extract includes two contacts, a Primary Contact and a Secondary Contact.

The extract then asks for the home number, cell number, work number, and email for both the Primary and Secondary contact.

In the old contact system, you would point a particular address code and contact code towards each entry (ex. LR Home = Primary Home Phone)

In the new contact system, Genesis simply looks at the Guardians and grabs their home phone, cell phone, work phone and email off of their contact records (Grabbing the highest seq number if there are two of one type).

Genesis will use Guardian 1 as the Primary contact and Guardian 2 for Secondary unless there is a G3 and G4. In this case Genesis will use the Contacts as they are marked in the Primary and Secondary Residence field on the contact.


Global Connect option to send different exports for different grade levels:

Fill out what grade levels should be sent for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runs of the Export. Make sure they are valid Genesis grade level codes separated by commas.

Genesis also allows you to populate the optional activity fields with various options:



Child Care

The Activity 1 field will say AM Child Care if a student has a child care record active on today's date, AM Child care is marked Yes and at least one of the days of the week is checked for AM Child Care. Activity 2 will be filled in with PM Child Care if all of the previous is true, only for PM.

Current Sports Teams

The Activity 1 field will be filled in with the student's current sport and the activity 2 field will be filled in with the level.

Lunch Code

This grabs the student's current Lunch Code off of the student record.

Is Spec Ed

This grabs the Spec Ed field off of the student record.

In the scheduler above, Global connect is set to run at 10:00AM, 1:00PM, and 5:00PM.

So in the setup above, Genesis will send the export for grades 10 and 11 at 10:00AM, grade 12 at 1:00PM, and grades 10, 11, and 12 at 5:00PM.

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