User Flag Importer

Modified on Thu, Jun 29, 2023 at 10:03 AM

User Flag Importer

What does it do?

The User Flag Importer scheduled task will scan a directory for CSV Files (Comma Separated Values) and import the data inside of them into Student User Flag fields.  

Expected File Format

  • The file must be a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.  
  • The first row must contain headers.  The actual header names are ignored during the processing of the file.
  • The first column must be the student id.


In this example; each row contains one student id, a user flag code and value to update.   The user flag code MATH must exist in the Setup -> Districts -> User Flags Codes screen or it will not be imported. Y values will add the flags to the students while N will remove them

Example File 1 

1234, MATH, Y
1235, STSANDY, N
1236, VERBAL, N

This will not affect files under doc management

Configuration Options:

Path on server to scan for files to import

The task will scan this directory for all files.   For every file it finds; it will try to import it.


Delete File After Import

If this option is enabled; the file will be deleted from the directory after it has been processed.

If the file is not deleted; it will be processed over and over again until someone manually removes the file from that directory.


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