Daily Parent Forms

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Daily Forms are forms that reset every night to allow parents/guardians/students to answer the form afresh every day.

All days' answers accumulate and can be reported upon.

Daily Forms are Reset to "Not Submitted" Every Morning

Every morning, Daily Forms appear as "Not Yet Submitted", regardless of what their status appeared to be on the previous day:

Once the Form is filled in for the day, the "Submitted On" information is updated for that day:

The nightly "system utility daemon" process is what resets the Daily Forms.  They are not reset "at midnight" but whenever this process runs.  


All days' answers accumulate for each student.

When Accessing a Daily Form on a Student's Record, All Days of Submission can be Accessed

Daily Forms will have a "Dates Submitted" control visible on their "Display Answers" screen.  Clicking on a date brings up that day's responses.

Creating a Daily Form

A regular parent form is converted to a 'daily form' by checking the "Daily Form" checkbox on the form's Template screen:


Daily Forms and User Flags

Daily Forms can interact with User Flags two ways: 

  1. Link a flag to the Form itself to be reset to ON every morning - this is described here.
  2. By having Form Questions set User Flags.  This is described on the Questions screens.

A Daily Form can be attached to a User Flag.  If this is done, every morning the User Flag is TURNED ON for all students to whom the form has been published.

The user flag is TURNED OFF once a student fills in the form for that day.  Thus the paired User Flag is always SET for ANY STUDENT WHO HAS NOT FILLED IN THE FORM FOR "TODAY".  

To pair a form with a User Flag, first create the User Flag then associate it with the daily form by:

  1. Setting the Daily Form flag
  2. Selecting the user flag in the "If form not submitted, give students this User Flag: drop down.
  3. Scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the Save button.


Exempting Virtual Students from the Daily User Flag Setting

Students who are marked via Rotation Groups as "virtual" on a given day can be exempted from having the User Flag that is paired with the Daily Form TURNED ON on those days.  

The paired User Flag (see above) is turned on EVERY MORNING for all students to whom the Daily Form has been published. 

The "If this is a Daily Form, DO NOT apply User Flag to students who are Virtual on that day" exempts students who are Virtual for a day from having their User Flag set on that day.

These students will have their paired User Flag turned on - set - on days when they are NOT marked Virtual.

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