Lunch Tracking Records

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Lunch Tracking Records


Genesis allows you to capture the state required fields for a student's lunch record.

There are 3 major ways of creating/importing lunch tracking records for students:

  1. Manually
  2. Lunch Application
  3. Direct Certification


Creating Lunch Tracking Records Manually


Student Data->Modify Student->Tracking->Lunch

  • From this screen you can manually add a lunch tracking record with any Lunch Code, Start Date, and End Date
  • Click the 'Add' button and fill out the required fields. Click 'OK' to save


Creating Lunch Tracking Records via a Lunch Application


Student Data->Lunch->Applications

  • You can create lunch tracking records by filling out the lunch application form
  • Fill out the required info on each screen and at the end of the process you will be able to create a lunch tracking record for each student in a given household


  • Fill out all the state required fields that are marked with a red asterisk


  • List all students that belong on this application


  • List all income info available for each income earner


  • The chart will show you, based on the info you've provided, where the household's suggested lunch eligibility status lies


  • Below the chart you will find the necessary tools for creating lunch tracking records for each student listed on the lunch application
  • You can edit the suggested lunch eligibility status for each student here if it should differ from what the chart calculated
  • Be sure to enter the correct lunch tracking record start date before clicking the 'Create' button
  • If you would like to go back and start another application after saving the one you're working on, check off 'Return to Fill Application when done'.


Creating Lunch Tracking Records via a Direct Certification File

New Jersey state should provide your district with a Microsoft XLS file containing the students in your district that get Direct Certification Free Lunch. This file can be loaded into Genesis to aid in the creation of tracking records.

STEP 1: Load the file into Genesis

Navigate to the Student Data.Lunch.Import Direct Certification File.Import DC File screen. Click the Browse button; and locate the file on your workstation. Click the Upload File button to send a copy to the Genesis server.

  • Genesis stores this file in a holding table called NJ_DIRECT_CERT_STUDENTS (DCImportStudent). One file can be stored at a time.
  • Loading a new file will first erase the data in the holding table from the previous load.
  • The following columns are used to import the data: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, SSN, DOB (MM-DD-YYYY). Make sure that these columns exist in your XLS file. If they do not, you will see no data for those fields on the Map to Genesis Students screen.
  • Any other columns in the XLS file will be ignored.
  • The order in which the columns appear in the XLS file is not important.

Once your file is uploaded into Genesis, this screen will indicate how many rows it found in the file.

STEP 2: Map the data in the XLS file to Genesis Students

Navigate to the Student Data.Lunch.Import Direct Certification File.Map to Genesis Students screen.


This screen will show you the data in the NJ_DIRECT_CER_STUDENTS table. You must map each row to a student in Genesis. The import process will try to automatically map as many students as possible using these methods:

  1. If the Social Security Number matches exactly to a student in Genesis
  2. If the First Name, Last Name and Date Of Birth match exactly to a student in Genesis.

For the remainder of the students, you will need to locate the students in Genesis and key in their student id into the appropriate column. Click the save button to save your changes. The easiest way to perform this task is to open a second browser window to use for searching for students.



If you cannot locate a student, it is okay to leave the student id field blank. The process that creates the DC Lunch Tracking Records will ignore them. 


STEP 3: Update Lunch Tracking Records

Navigate to the Student Data.Lunch.Import Direct Certification File.Update Lunch Tracking Records screen.

Clicking on the *Create DC Lunch Tracking Records * button will perform these tasks for each student mapped in step 2:

  • All existing lunch tracking records for that student in current school year will be deleted.
  • A new DC lunch tracking record with the start matching that students current school will be created ONLY IF THE STUDENT IS ACTIVE. INACTIVE students will not have records created.

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