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Search views allow custom columns to be displayed in search results when performing a search via Student Data>Student List>Student Search. This means each type of user (nurse, counselor, coach, etc...) can have a view tailored to show the information they need.

In this example, a custom view called "Student Current Location" was configured to display the student's current scheduled course along with their photo:

Working with Search Result Views

This is added from the Student Data>Student List>Search Result Views screen.

Securable Location for this screen: studentdata.studentlist.searchResultsView

This screen lists the available views and allows one to be made the default view for all users.

From this screen views may be created, deleted, copied, imported, and exported.

Search views that come built-in to Genesis can not be changed or deleted.

However, they can be used as a starting point for new views by using the 'Copy' button

Edit View:

Securable Location for this screen: studentdata.studentlist.editView

The edit view screen allows the view to be renamed, security to be updated, and columns to be updated.

A view can be made available to all users, or on a role-by-role basis.

Each column in a view has an expression. The expression determines what is displayed in the column.

As an example, ${student.studentID} would display the student's ID. The brown box icon is a helper to assist in building an expression.

The tooltip expression determines what is displayed when hovering over that column.

Each column can be optionally excluded from appearing on the screen, on the Excel printout, or on the PDF printout with options to the right:

Click here for our article on some USEFUL Search Views you may be able to import into your district.

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