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Turnstile was designed to track the up-to-the-minute whereabouts of both students and staff members. The system allows specific users to check students both into and out of 'Events' which can be color coded for easy tracking. Turnstile 2 was released in July 2024 and now allows users to be associated with a list of specific events. 

Users who are attached to multiple events will be able to select between those specific events they are tied to. For example, a security officer having to switch from "Lunch Check Out" to "Bathroom Sign In" quickly, in order to check students into each event respectively. 

Genesis Release Notes 6/13/24 Announcement

** New Turnstile Version coming 7/2/2024 **

** On the TURNSTILE -> SETUP -> EVENT SETUP screen, there is now a "Turnstile 2 Information" button. Click this button for more information on this new upcoming feature. See below for an overview of the changes:
- What is in the new Turnstile?
* The User Setups will now be Turnstile Templates. While the user setups were for an individual user, the new
Turnstile Templates allow multiple users to be attached to them.
* Users can now be attached to as many Turnstiles as needed. This means you can create one Turnstile user and attach that user to as many Turnstiles as you want.
* Because a user can be attached to multiple Turnstiles, a user will have access to only the Turnstiles that
they have been attached to.
* The Turnstile being used for each user is tied to the user's current session. This means that the same user
can be logged in multiple times and can be using a different Turnstile for each login.
- Does the current User Setups work with the new Turnstile?
* The current setups for your users will be automatically converted to be used in the new turnstile so once your system has been switched over, your users will be able to use Turnstile.
- How does the conversion work?
* The conversion logic will group your user setups by the Event that they are attached to. Each user for the
event will be attached to a Turnstile for the event. So now instead of setting up multiple Turnstiles with
the same event, those users will now be tied to just one Turnstile.

What are the differences?

Originally, Turnstile was to be setup for each specific user that is logged into Genesis while students/staff are checking in. This required multiple users to be setup the exact same way, if they are all to be checking students into Turnstile using the same configuration. This limited the users to being setup for either ONE event or ALL events, using a Change Event button on the Scanning screen:

With Turnstile 2 the setup is now with Templates which will encompass both the configuration, and the set of users that will be allowed to use that 'event'. Since users will be configured with specific events using Turnstile 2, they will now only see the list of events they were given access to:The staff member operating the check-in kiosk can simply click into the specific event in order to begin checking students or staff in/out of that event:

The Scanning screen will remember the user's current event they selected, and will display the same event when returning to this screen. The user can also click Change Turnstile (shown above) to return to the menu of events to select from. 

Conversion of Existing Setup

Existing configuration of Turnstile has been taken place, and 'templates' have been created based on all 'events' in the system, and users who were attached to the 'events'. 

Each Turnstile Event in your school was converted into a Turnstile Template. All users tied to that event will be added to the template. The values for the new Turnstile Template will be based on the Event Setup of the first user listed under the Event. See the Student List section below for exceptions.

If you see a Warning Sign icon next to the number of users for an event, this means that the users who are currently attached to the event do not have the same setup. This is only a warning to make you aware that the options may be different for one or more users when the conversion has been done.

If Student List appears next to one of the users, this means that there is a student list attached to their setup. Because user lists are specific to a user, the conversion will create a new template for each user that has a list and attach the user and the list to the template.

The converted templates can be found on the Turnstile > Setup > Turnstile Templates > List Turnstile Templates screen. 

Setting up Templates

The configuration of Turnstile 2 is now on the Turnstile > Setup > Turnstile Templates > Templates screen. 

Before you begin, make sure you have already setup your 'events' that students and staff will be checking into [Turnstile > Setup > Turnstile Events]. More information on this can be found here: Configuring Turnstile Events

Start by clicking on Add Template from the template setup screen:

Give the template a title and select the Event the first event to setup:

Once you see the template listed on the screen, click the button in the Users column next to the template to manage the assigned users. Then, click Add Users to search from a list of users to add:

Return to the Turnstile > Setup > Turnstile Templates screen. You should see the number of users now attached to the event template in the Users column. 

Last, click the Edit button next to the event to open the configuration settings of that template. This screen will almost identical to the original Event Setup screen in Turnstile:


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