Turnstile Events Advanced Features and Linkages Overview

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Turnstile Advanced Features and Linkages to Other Modules

Turnstile has a large number of special features that can help you.

  1. Check-In Features: 
    1. Search by ID:  Searches for students can be done by Student ID, Student Name, or Lunch Pin.  Use the "For Student Events, search this ID" parameter to select whether the Student ID or the Lunch Pin will be the ID to search on.  Student Name is always an option when manually entering search criteria.
    2. Search the entire school district, not just the current school - The default is to ony search the school currently selected in the screen header.
    3. Check-in with Reservations - Check-in ONLY students on a selected list.    Only those students can successfully check-in to the Event.
    4. Check-In Exclusion List - Specify a list of students who are NOT allowed to check-in to the Event.  They cannot check-in: check-in will be denied.
    5. Advance Check-In - Check-in one student or an entire list of students to a future Event.  Select the Event and the target date. 
      1. Advance Check-In with Confirmation of Arrival - There are actually two forms of Advance Check-In.  One assumes you know the student or students' time of arrival and that they will in fact be there if they are pre-checked-in.  The second does not assume you know the time of arrival and wants the student to "Confirm" that they have in fact arrived on the specified date.  This second is the "Advance Check-In with Confirmation of Arrival".  On the specified date, the student must do an actual scan in to document their time of arrival.
    6. Include Alumni in Check-In - Allow students who are "INACT" to check-in.
    7. Specify that the Event is for Staff, not Students - Only staff members can check-in 
      1. For Staff Events, specify which ID number staff members must use:  Local ID (Genesis ID #), "Other ID" (i.e. HR ID), or "SMID" (state of NJ ID).
    8. Maximum Number of Check-Ins - Soft limit on the number of students who can check into an Event.
  2. Display Information after Check-In: 
    1. Display student or staff photo
    2. Display a User Flag for student - Display one specific User Flag for a student.
    3. Display User Text fields for student -  Display up to 2 User Text fields for a student.
    4. Display 'today's attendance' for student - Display today's "Daily Attendance Code" for the student.
    5. Display 'scheduled location' for student - Display the class the student is currently supposed to be attending.
  3. Use Reason Codes - After Check-In students or staff members must select a "reason".  "Reasons" are the entries in a Codes table you pair with the Event.   You can also now select: 
    1. From a list of School Teaachers
    2. From a list of Guidance Counselors
  4. Generate a Pass on Check-Out:  When a student checks out, display a printable pass.
  5. Check-Out Features: 
    1. Mass Check-Out - Mass check-out all students currently checked into an Event.  E.g. Mass exit "Media Center" at period end.
    2. Pre-set Check-Out Time - Specify a pre-set check-out time for all students checking in to an Event.
  6. Interactions with Other Genesis Modules: 
    1. Detention and In School Suspension Attendance - Give 'credit' to students for attending their scheduled Detention or In School Suspension Conduct 'actions'. 
      1. For Detention Events, Check-In to a specific  type of Detention (e.g. Central Detention, Saturday Detention)
    2. Check-in for Nurse Visits - Nurse Student Check-In checks a student into the Nurse Turnstile Event linked to their "nurse' Login.
    3. Check-in for Guidance "Visits" for WebDesk Guidance "Students Waiting to See You" Data Peep - Indicate the specific guidance counselor the student has check-in to see.  Also indicate the reason the student selected when checking in, if reason codes are being used.
    4. Quick Conduct Infraction Generation - One swipe creates a pre-configured Conduct Infraction for the student.  E.g. Roaming the Halls without a Pass
    5. Display Case Manager on Event Tracking - Flagging an Event as "special services" tracks students' Case Manager information in the Event.
    6. Display check-ins/outs in Parent Module - Flagging an Event as "P" causes check-ins and outs to be displayed in the Parents Module.


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