Configuring Turnstile Events

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Configuring Turnstile Events for Use with Check-In Check-Out

The Turnstile>Setup>Turnstile Templates screen *new in Turnstile 2.0*:

Configuring Events for Use with Genesis Check-In

Before Check-In can be used at least one Event must be configured to work with it.

An "Event" identifies a location – or event – at which Check-In/Check-out is going to occur.

The Events are maintained on the Turnstile>Setup>Events screen.

Procedure to Add an Event for use with Check-In

  1. Go to the Turnstile>Setup>Events screen:
  2. Locate the "Add Event" button at the top of the screen. Clicking it brings up the following popup:
  3. Enter a Code for the Event. E.g. "Library" – the code identifies the location/use of the check-in. You will not be able to change this once it has been created.
  4. Enter a description for the Event. You will be able to update this at any time.
  5. Specify whether the Event is for Students (the default) or Staff.
  6. Click Add Event. This adds the new Event code & description to the list.
  7. You must now configure the event to determine which type of even it is. Locate the code in the list:
  8. Select a color. This is optional. The color field is used to color the top line of the Student Information Bar to show where a student is if an open record exists for an event.
     If the event has this field filled in, then the top line of the Student Information Bar turns this color and the description of the event will be displayed as a tool tip when the user puts their mouse over the colored section.
  9. Check the appropriate "type" check box on the right hand side. This is optional. Events can be used to track far more items than those listed. The existing, explicit choices include
    • Cafeteria (Cafe) – Lunchroom check-in/out tracking.
    • Detention (Det) - Detention (For Detention attendance).  Enables Detention/ISS attendance for this Event.  Detention Events can be for specific types of Detention.
    • ISS – In School Suspension check-in (for ISS attendance).  Enables Detention/ISS attendance for this Event.
    • Entrance (Ent.) – General Entry/Exit Tracking (general entrance to anything.  E.g. Bathroom, Dance, Field Trip...)
    • Guidance (Guid.) – Guidance office check-in.  Enables Guidance check-in features and WebDesk data peep display for this Event.
    • Library  (Lib.) - Library/Media Center check-in.
    • Nurse – Indicates Nurse office check-in tracking.  Enables the use of this Event with the Nurse Check-in screen.
    • SS - Special Services linkage - Adds Case Manager to Event information and displays this on the Event Tracking screen.
  10. Update whether the Event is for Student or Staff check-in.
  11. Specify whether or not checkins/out for this Event should be displayed in the Parent module by checking or leaving unchecked the P checkbox:
    • P - Available in Parents Module - Check-ins to this Event will be listed in Parents module (once enabled in the Parents module itself).
  12. Specify whether or not checkins/out for this Event should be available for the teacher's use in Gradebook.
    • GB - Available for teachers to check students into/out of directly on the Gradebook>Gradebook spreadsheet screen.
  13. Auto Checkout - Specify whether students should be automatically checked out of the Event when another Event is checked into.  If the Auto Checkout checkbox is checked, students are checked out of the Event automatically if the student is checked into another Event.  Otherwise, the student remains checked in the Event even when checked into another Event.  E.g. students can be checked into a "Corridor - out of class" Event even when checked into a "Bathroom" event.  Or students can remain checked into a "Field Trip" event even when checked into a specific group on the field trip ("Dinosaur Tour").
  14. Scroll to the bottom of the list and locate the button:
  • Click Save Events to store your configured Event.  Your Event is now fully configured.

Detention Events - Configuring a Specific Type of Detention


If you are configuring a Detention Event, once you have created the Event, you will be able to specify the specific kind of Detention the Event will apply to.  

"Detention" Events cannot be used to generate Conduct Infractions with Turnstile Check-In.  See below.

A  icon will appear next to the checkbox in the "Det" Detention column identifying this as a 'detention event':

Clicking the  icon brings up a ''Select Detention Type for Detention" popup:

The "Detention Type" drop down will contain a list of all the types of Detention Actions you have defined on the "Conduct->Setup->Action Types" screen, plus "All Detentions" (the default):

You can leave the Detention Event configured to "All Detentions" or you can pick a single specific Detention Type, e.g. "Evening Detention".  

If you pick a single Detention Type the Event will only check students students into "Detention" if they have that one specific  type of Detention scheduled.  

Students with other types of Detentions scheduled can check into the Event - but the check-in will not "count" for Detention Attendance - the students will not get credit for having attended the Detention.

To select a particular type of Detention for the Event, select one of the specific options and then click the button.

Events for Conduct Infraction Creation with Turnstile

Turnstile can be configured to create a new Conduct Infraction when a student is 'checked-in'.

This allows a student to be given an infraction plus an action (e.g. detention) with a single Turnstile check-in.

The Events used for this must NOT be any of those configured as:

  • Detention Events
  • ISS Events
  • Nurse Events
  • Guidance or SS Events

When creating an Event to be used with/for "Conduct Infraction creation", either leave all "Event Type" checkboxes blank, or select "Ent" for 'general entrance':

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