Summer School Setup

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Create a new school with the "Is Summer School" Flag checked (Setup>Schools.)

The screen will not allow this school to be marked as "Include Student in State Reporting".

This means that no attendance records are created for a student in the summer school.

The result of not including your summer school is that State reporting for your normal schools can still occur even when summer school is in session.


Before setting up the Curriculum and the Master Class Schedule, it is important to update the new school's cycle days, print periods, rooms, and teachers. All this data is needed when creating your actual courses.

After setting up this information, you can create the curriculum and the Master Class.


For collections, you will probably need only FG, MP1, and IR1 collections setup.


Students need to be flagged as Summer school students by changing the Summer School flag on the Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Categories tab to In-District for In District students.

If they register students directly into the summer school, the flag should be set to Out of District (This field is available on the Registration - Categories screen as well, so students should be registered directly into the Summer School).

These flags are used at the end of Summer School to move the students back to their Original School. Out of District Summer School Students are ignored in that process. 

Note: If a student is in a school that has not created attendance for the current school year (Pre-Registration and INACT are two examples), then you should set the "School Before Summer School" field (on the student's Category tab) to the school that they are in prior to summer school. Without this information, Genesis does not know where the student came from and would not be able to place the student back into the original school.

Assigning Students to Summer School

Students can be assigned to summer school from the new Registration>Summer School tab. This screen lists all the students in Genesis with the Summer School flag set. An important note is that this can only be done when the district end date has been passed.

In order to send a student to summer school, the user must check the checkboxes next to the students and then hit the Assign Students to Summer school button.

This does not run a transfer for a student; it simply changes the student's current school. This means that the student's schedule and requests from the current year are still active for the student in the school that they were attending at the end of the school year.

Due to this, the Student Schedule screen will be showing a message that the student has active courses in a school other than his current school. This is normal and correct.

There is no need to drop the student's schedule from the current school year in their original school.

Placing Student's back into their Original School

At the end of summer school, the administrator can move a student back to the school that they ended the year by going to the Registration>Summer School screen.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a Place Students into Original School button. This will update all of the selected students who are marked as In District and place them in the school from there last Attendance Record. 

This way a High School student will be back in the High School and a Middle School Student will be back in the Middle School.

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