Summer Rollover FAQ

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It is strongly suggested for users to refer to  our Pre-Rollover Checklist, and our Post-Rollover Checklist for more info.

Additionally, posted webinars can be found in our Video Library here.

And you can sign up for upcoming live webinars via Info>Webinars in your Genesis instance.

Below are some common questions.

Question: How do I setup a date/time to perform the rollover with Genesis representative?

Answer: Every school district must enter a help desk support ticket for this. Provide some possible dates and a Genesis rep will get back to you with the availability on the Summer Rollover calendar.

Question: Does scheduling need to be completed prior to the rollover?

Answer: No. Scheduling is independent of summer rollover.

If you have not locked in a schedule prior to performing the rollover with us, and you are a school that uses the Student Scheduler/requests to schedule students, you would just need to roll the school year back, and continue working from the Next Year Scheduling tabs.

Then, once you've locked a schedule in and have given students schedules, you can work out of the current year and make manual tweaks from there.

Question: I've now rolled over. How do I remove the yellow banner that still reads "You are now working in 20XX-XX school year"?

Answer: This is updated/removed on the Setup>Districts>System Messages tab.

Question: I've now rolled over. Users are telling me they are still locked out and receive a "maintenance" message when logging. How do I fix this?

Answer:  When you are ready to allow all non-sysadmin users to log back in after the rollover task is completed, take your Genesis instance out of maintenance mode via Setup>Security>Policy by unchecking "Enable Maintenance Mode" and saving the screen.

Question: Does (this field) roll over?

Answer: Check out our Promote and Transfer article, which goes over a few fields.

Question: If we utilize the Summer School feature within Genesis, do we need to wait for it to conclude before performing the Summer Rollover?

Answer: No, you do not. This logic was modified a few years back. You may review the "Summer School and Summer Rollover" section of this article for some more info.

A big caveat to doing this is that Summer school must still be run in the current school year. So, you can perform the rollover before Summer School concludes - but post-rollover, your users will just need to switch the School Year field up top to the previous school year to continue working with it etc.

Question: How do I assign:

  • Student Next Year Assignments (Next School and Next Grade) prior to the summer rollover? - Student Data>Next School and Grade>Mass Assignments
  • Student Homeroom Assignments for the new school year? - Admin>Assignments>HR Assignments and/or individually via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics Required
  • Grading collections to my sections in the new year? Grading>Setup>Setup Guide using the wizard on that screen and/or via Scheduling>Sections.
  • Counselors for the new year? - Admin>Assignments>Assign Counselors

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