Transferring Students

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Transfers can be done via Registration>Transfer in District.

"Transfer in District" covers any Registration change that moves a student from one "State of NJ Registration status" to another "State of NJ Registration status" within the district.  

These actions can cover the following situations:

  • A student transfers from one in district school to another, remaining at the same grade level and program type.
  • A student transfers from one program type to another within the same school (e.g. regular education to special education or vice versa).
  • A student transfers from one grade level to another within the same school (e.g. 3rd to 4th grade).
  • A student transfers from one in district school to another, accompanied by an additional change in Program Type or grade level.

A Transfer can optionally include the dropping of the student's old schedule:  it is possible, if a student is remaining in the same school but changing Grade Level or Program Type that initially their schedule will not change, or that not all courses will change.  

Transfer includes an option to not drop the student's schedule.

A Transfer starts by searching for the student to transfer:

Once a search has been completed, a list of students will be available with individual Transfer buttons.  

It is not possible to "Mass Transfer" students using this tool:

To begin the transfer in district process for a student, click the corresponding  button.  

This brings up the "Transfer Student" screen:

The required fields for NJ State transfer processing include:

  • Transfer from <old school> to: - Select the new school the student will be attending.
  • First Day of NEW Attendance Record: - Enter the 1st day the student will be in the new school, not the last day they will still be in the old one.  A new "Attendance Record" will be generated for the student in the new school. 
  • Transfer from Grade <old grade> to:  Select the student's new grade level.
  • PCC Transfer Code - Select the reason they are withdrawing from the district. If they are merely transfering in district, use the "Transfer in District" function.
  • PCC Entry Code - Select their State of NJ PCC Entry code for their new school/grade combination.
  • Transfer from Program Type <old program type> To - Specify the program type the student will have following the transfer (it may be the same as the old).
  • Summer Transfer - If the student is leaving their old school during the summer, that is, after the last day of class in one school year and before the first day of class in the next, you must check the "Summer Transfer" checkbox.  
  • Drop schedule from <old school code> for first day in the new school? - For transfers, dropping the student's schedule is optional.  This parameter controls whether the student will be dropped from all course sections during the transfer.  This defaults to yes, on the assumption that most of the time during a transfer a student will require a wholly new schedule.  This is irrelevent for schools not using a formal schedule with course sections.  ("A schedule" means a student's course sections).
  • Change 'Time in School' to less than one year? - This should be set to Yes if the student will have been in the new school for less than one year following the transfer.  If the student is remaining in the same school (e.g. changing grade level or program type but not school), it may be set to No.
  • Change 'Time in District' to less than one year? If the change alters a student's "Time in District" to less than one year, then this should be set to Yes.
  • Create Previous School Record
  • Resident District Tracking
  • Comments

Once all fields are filled in, click the button to actually transfer the student. There is no "confirm action" prompt.

Once the Transfer completes, you are shown a completion message:


The student has now been transferred, per the choices made on the Transfer form, and the new Attendance Record has been generated, along with the old Attendance Record having been updated.

Mass Transfer Feature

We now have a "Mass Transfer" tool via Registration>Transfer in District>Mass Transfer.

To perform, create an Excel Spreadsheet with the following rules:

  • The first row must contain header columns (in all capital letters).
  • The following columns must exist (in any order): STUDENT_ID, TRANSFER_DATE.
  • At least ONE of the following columns must exist: TRANSFER_GRADE_LEVEL, TRANSFER_PTC, TRANSFER_SCHOOL.
  • Optional fields; TRANSFER_CODE and ENTRY_CODE will default to T1 and R1 if not present.
  • Optional fields; NEXT_YEAR_SCHOOL and NEXT_YEAR_GRADE will set students Next Year Assignment.
  • Optional field DROP_NEXT_YEAR_COURSES and DROP_CURRENT_COURSES will remove scheduled courses (next year or current year) when column value is set to Y.
  • TRANSFER_DATE may NOT be a future date. It must be today or a previous day in this school year.
  • All other columns are ignored.

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