Withdrawing Students

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You can perform Withdrawals via Registration>Withdrawal from District.

This action withdraws the student from the District, drops them from all course sections, and marks them as Withdrawn for the purposes of NJ Smart.

It starts by searching for the student to withdraw:

Once a search has been completed, a list of students will be available with individual Withdrawal buttons.  

It is not possible to "Mass Withdraw" students using this tool.

To begin the withdrawal process for a student, click the corresponding button.

This brings up the "Withdraw Student" screen:

The required fields for NJ State withdrawal processing include the first two items:

  • First Day Student is NOT Enrolled in School - Enter the 1st day the student will be off your rolls, not the last day they will still be "in district".
  • PCC Withdrawal Code - Select the reason they are withdrawing from the district. If they are merely transfering in district, use the "Transfer in District" function.

The following fields are optional:

  • Reason for Withdrawal - This drop down will be empty unless you have populated the WITHDRAW_REASON_CODES Codes table on the Setup>Codes screen.  These reason codes are not supplied by Genesis and this a wholly local option.
  • Record Students Next School - If you check this checkbox, a new set of fields appears in order to capture information regarding where the student will be going:


As you select entries, the additional fields are populated with the correct items.  Once you select the County (in NJ), then the District drop down is populated with the Districts in the selected county.  

Once you select the District, the School drop down is populated with the schools in the selected district:

Finally, you can select the expected start date for attendance in the new District.  

If you select a location outside of NJ, the District and School drop downs will not populate.

  • If the student is leaving the district during the summer, that is, after the last day of class in one school year and before the first day of class in the next, you must check the "Summer Withdrawal" checkbox. 
  • Comment - You can enter a free form Comment as to why the student is leaving, etc.   This is completely free form.

Once all fields are filled in, click the button to actually withdraw the student. There is no "confirm action" prompt.

Once the Withdrawal completes, you are shown a completion message:

The student has now been withdrawn, dropped from all course sections in their schedule (if they had a schedule) and changed to INACT enrollment status in the current school year.

If the withdrawal was scheduled for the future, the student continues to appear on the list on the Withdrawl "Search for Student" but are now shown as follows:

The tooltip for them indicates that they already have a withdrawal date.   They are searchable for other actions (e.g. Re-entry, ...)

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