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How are student excluded from NJSmart Collection?

The code loads all students in the district and goes through a process of elimination. It adjusts the Snapshot date to the School End Date of the school the student is attending.

  1. If student WITHDREW prior to Snapshot date, student is removed from collection.
  2. If student TRANSFERRED to a school that is NOT INCLUDED in state reporting prior to Snapshot date, student is removed from collection.
  3. Looks at student's school as of Snapshot and removes student from collection if:
    1. School marked as is INACT.
    2. School marked as is OOD Charter School.
    3. School marked as is OOD Vocational.
    4. School is marked with one of the NJSMart Exclusion options.
    5. (SID collections for Graduates and Summer Withdrawals will look at a students previous school to determine eligibility)
  4. Removes student from collection if student has no State ID in Genesis.
  5. If student is Tuition Received student and is NOT Paid byParent or Staff (Code 2 or 4) or Paid by State: student attending CHOICE (Code 6),the student is removed from the collection UNLESS
    1. the student's Genesis School has the Collect Received Out Of District Students in NJ-Smart = YES
    2. OR the student's Resident Home School is Non-Operating
    3. OR the student has come from a Resident District with no High School (Resident School Code of 000)
    4. OR student is Tuition Rec'd as a 03-Paid by State AND is checked off as a ward or State of NJ on the tuition record
    5. OR student is a pre-school student in their resident district with a tuition code of 05.
    6. OR student is shared time received and your district is set as a Vocational school.
  6. If a student is a Full Time student who is TUITION SENT(Genesis defines TUITION SENT as a student with an active Tuition Tracking Record that has the CDS values filled in) the student will be removed from the collection if one of the following is true:
    1. Student sent to an In County Vocational school.  State School (Setup -> State Schools -> Schools) from tuition records school code must be marked as Vocational and tuition record's county code must match your master districts county code. 
      • unless student also has Alternate Ed tracking record as Student then considered enrolled in an Alternate Educational Program (like TOPS or Rubino) and therefor not considered to be vocational.
    2. Student sent to Charter school.  State School (Setup -> State Schools -> Schools) from tuition records school code must be marked as Charter.
    3. Student sent to State Agency/Facility and NOT paid for by school district.  State School (Setup -> State Schools -> Schools) from tuition records school code must be marked as State Facility and tuition code must NOT be marked as 1 or 9, "Paid by School District".
    4. Student is 03-Paid by State AND is checked off as a ward or State of NJ on the tuition record (state-responsible) so long as student is not sent to a PSD.
    5. Student's tuition record is marked Paid byParent or Staff (Code 2 or 4) and is not a non-public student.
  7. Shared Time students who are Full Time Received by a Vocational School District from a County other than the Vocational School District's county are excluded from the collection unless the Student is marked as Home Schooled on the student Categories screen.  The only exception to this is if a previously collected student becomes Shared Time DURING the school year. 
  8. Student lives in a Group Home (shown on Categories screen) and but does not live in school district.
  9. If students are sitting in a Preschool Referral (Pre-Eval) school, they will have the following fields blanked on on the SID file: Grade Level, PTC, Lunch Status and Special Ed Classification. This "Is Preschool Referral/Pre-Evaluation School" field is found via Setup>Schools>Modify School: . If checked, students in this school will not be included in the State Submission

There are TWO additional options on a Genesis School that would exclude students from the collections.

  • Exclude Students in School from ALL NJSmart Collections - exudes all students.
  • Exclude Regular Ed PreK Students in School from ALL NJSmart Collections- If a student is PreK and has no IEP, the student will be excluded.

On the Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart>Settings screen, you can also check off to exclude individual students from specific extracts, if necessary.


On the Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart screen, you can see the data being pulled for the student for each snapshot and the reason for exclusion (if applicable.) Overrides can be set on this screen as well.

On the Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart>Settings screen, you can also check off to exclude individual students from specific extracts, if necessary.


How do I include Non-Public students to my collection?

All Non-Public students are automatically included in the SID management  (beginning in September 2011).  They are not collected in the Special Ed Submission.

  • To categorize a student as a Non-Public student in Genesis, you must either place the student in a Genesis School marked as a Non-Public school (in Setup>Schools>Modify School) or mark the student as a Non-Public Student in the student's Student>Demographics>Categories screen. 

Either or both methods will include this student in the SID Management submission.

  • To set a value for NJSmart field 139 - NonPublic.  Open the Special Ed Evaluation record for the student.  So long as the student is a Non-Public and the Evaluation record has a Evaluation Status = "Is Eligible for Special Services", you will be able to set this students NJSmart #139 - NonPublic field.  The options are

(Default) NREC = Yes, student has been determined eligible, but is not receiving services


REC = Yes, student has been determined eligible and is receiving services

  • In addition, student must have the State Classification filled in on their Referral/Evaluation record or IEP. This is because NJ Smart requires a special ed classification code for all non-public students, and the student Special Ed tab is where State Classification is populated. The student's IEP is also where out of district Attending school codes are kept. The Out of District field on the IEP must be marked YES in order to populate the three Attending School In fields.

How is Attendance calculated in Genesis for NJSmart SID?

Attendance can be calculated from one of two places.  It is either counted up from s students Daily Attendance your district takes for the student -OR- it is read from a manually inputted NJSmartAttendance total.  NJSmartAttendance totals are entered into Genesis from the NJ.Report Extracts.NJSMART Attendance tab.

You may enter than manually from the Attendance sub tab, or import them from an excel spreadsheet on the Import/Export sub tab. 

If a Student has a manually entered NJSmartAttendance record, it will appear on that student's Student Data.Student.Attendance tab directly above the existing Totals Table on the right side of the screen.

Attendance must be reported in full for all Students by an individual district.  This means any Shared Time Student included in the collection, will have her half-day attendance totals doubled for the collection. 

So if a student was Shared-Time for all 180 days of the school year, her possible days would be reported as 180 rather than the 90 that would count towards your attendance register.

Why are the Out of District students not getting County, District and School Code attending values?

  1. The out of district students may have Attendance Records. The NJSmart code will attempt to use the CDS code on the Attendance Record before it will use the CDS code on the IEP Tracking Record. If this is the case, remove the attendance records from these students and re-collect.

STUDENTID skipped because of a tuition tracking record. Student is received and not paid by parent; must be reported by resident district.

You may see this warning message for students when you run a NJ-Smart collection. The reason why you are seeing it is because Genesis thinks that this student is an incoming student into your school with tuition paid by another district.

The most likely cause of this message is a student that is an out of district student with a tuition tracking record that does not contain the CDS code of the school he/she is sent to.

To correct this: Open the tuition tracking record for the student; and enter the CDS code of the school he/she is attending.

How are student who graduated or withdrew from the district over the summer handled in NJSMART SID collection?


Students who have a summer withdrawal will show with a withdraw code and date AFTER 6/30 of the current school year.  You can see a student who has a “future withdraw” by checking the student record for a withdraw date and code on the demographics screen.

Students who will graduate are identified by having a Next Year Assignment where the school is set to INACT and the grade level is PG.  Students with a graduating NYA will be automatically marked with the appropriate exit code (L for HS graduates. T4 for middle) and exit date AFTER 6/30 of the current school year.  Students will a value in the Summer School Field in their Categories screen will NOT be marked with an exit code or date pre-rollover, as it is not known if these students will graduate.


If you have already rolled over, and would like to create a “supplemental” collection containing student who graduated over the summer do the following.  When running the SID collection you will be presented with an option to run the collection for ONLY students who graduated or withdrew over the summer.  If you type SUMMER into the box when asked, the “supplemental” collection will be created.  Only student who have graduated or withdrawn over the summer will be collected.

Students who have a summer withdrawal will always show on SID collection regardless. 

Are there Prerequisites to submitting the Pre-ID submission?

Yes.  Before submitting your export to NJSMART, you must do the following.

  • Run a NEW SID management collection and submit to NJSMART
  • Run a local data mart version of the Core State Submission ("State Submission (Local Data Mart)" on the NJSMARTtab) and submit it to NJSMART
  • Run a local data mart version of the Special Ed Submission ("Special Ed Submission (Local Data Mart)" on the NJSMART tab) and submit it to NJSMART

After these collection have been run and submitted you will be able to submit the Pre-ID submission.

Why are my Related Services not showing in the Collection?

Each related service code must be setup as an NJSmart service type (Speech, Counseling, etc.) in order to be used for the collection.  Related Service Codes are setup in Setup>Districts>Master District Parameters>Related Services.

How do I report Classification for students whose IEPs where never implemented?

If a student's evaluation record is marked with a Status of "Parent not consenting to Special Services" and with a Parental Consent to Implement Obtained set to "Parent refused implementation" Genesis will then report the Evaluation Records State Classification value for NJSmart Collections

How does Genesis handle Gender Codes in NJSmart?

There are three acceptable values for Gender in NJSmart; M (Male), F (Female) and X (Non-Binary/Undesignated).  If a student's gender code in Genesis is not an F or an M then they will simply be coded as an 'X' in your NJSmart files created in Genesis. 

They do not need to have an actual code of X in Genesis.   If, for example, you have added a 'P - Pangender' to your system, we will output any students coded as such as an 'X' automatically. You enter additional Gender codes via Setup>Codes.

How do the Attending and Receiving CDS codes get set for kids?

County/District/School Code Receiving

Values will be determined using the following process:

  • Genesis will first check to see if a CDS receiving code override exists on a students NJSmart tab.  If it exists, Genesis will ALWAYS use these codes forgoing the following logic.
  • Genesis will check the CDS Code on the students current Genesis School (The current school is the school that is on the attendance record as of Snapshot date). The CDS code for a school can be found in SETUP > Schools > Modify School.
  • If the Genesis School does not have a CDS code (for example: Out Of District School), and is NOT a Charter, then Genesis will check to see if student has an active IEP with a OOD CDS filled in.
  • If not, Genesis will then use the CDS code on the Student's Genesis Home School.


  • Students who have a Resident District different from that of your Master District in Genesis and who are Special Ed with an Active IEP set to OOD will have their Receiving CDS set to that students Home School as set on the students Demographics page UNLESS Master District district type is set to type REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT.
  • Students who are marked as being under the legal guardianship of the State of New Jersey (state-responsible students) on their Tuition Records AND are marked as 03-Paid by State will have receiving codes set to  County “21”, District “8909”, and School “100”.
  • Non Vocational Shared Time Students.  See see FAQ
  • Student sitting in a Genesis setup Non-public school will have their Receiving School set to the Student's Home School (on demographics screen)
  • If a student is Tuition Sent to a School marked as a Preschool Provider (in Setup>State Schools) then Receiving School will be set to the Preschool Provider.
  • Resident District Students who live in a group home (or foster) who are Tuition Sent to an OOD will have the Receiving CDS set to the Tuition Sent school's CDS.
  • Student sent to OOD Vocational in Tuition record will have OOD Vocational set as Receiving School.
  • If student still has no Receiving School or a Receiving School = 000 after above logic applied will use the CDS of the Home School of student.

County/District/School Code Attending

The school the student is attending is determined using the following process:

  • Examine the attendance record as of the snapshot date 
    • If the student is in a Genesis School with a valid CDS code (Setup->Schools) - That is the attending school
    • If the student has an IEP as of the snapshot date; and the IEP has a CDS (Sent OOD) - That becomes the attending school
    • If the student has a tuition tracking record as of the snapshots date; and the record has a CDS - That becomes the attending school
    • If a student is attending an In-County Vocational school full time, the vocational school will be set as the attending school.
    • If a Regional District student's In-District School has a State School Code of 000 assigned in Genesis, students Home School CDS is used instead.

If student has Shared Time Tracking record marked as SENT with the CDS codes filled in, the values from the Shared Time Records CDS will automatically be used for Attending.  Unless student is Shared Time to a non-vocational school.

How do I run the 'summer' collection for SID?

Click to "Collect" your SID Mgmt extract. When prompted, enter SUMMER. If you type SUMMER into the box when asked, the “supplemental” collection will be created.  Only student who have graduated or withdrawn over the summer will be collected.

Can I open a CSV file in Excel?

There are multiple issues with excel when opening CSV files. Excel by default will remove the leading 0 off of every cell. So your 01234 will become 1234. Dates will be reformatted as well. So despite what you are seeing, the date fields are in the format that the collection requires. Do not save the file if you are viewing it in Excel. This will cause the correct format to be changed to what you see displayed. In order to work with the file in excel, take a look at this wiki.

Can I review an individual student's NJ Smart snapshot info?

Yes.  You can do so via Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart.  You can cycle through the snapshot info for that student - and see what their info will be when you re-collect info as well.

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