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The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics screen is where you can enter essential info for your staff members.

This is the spot where you will mark your new teachers as a "teacher," for example.  

Options available for you to mark your staff members as

Staff Types Available

Has Built-in Web Desk Panels

Staff Member Can be Assigned to Students


504 Coordinator



Athletic Trainer

Case Manager



Classroom Aide









Department Chair


Library Administrator

Long Term Sub. / Replacement


Other Staff



Related Service Provider



Resource Teacher









Vice Principal



Some parameters on this screen are:

  • Other ID (Payroll/HR) - you might need to fill this value in for state reporting if you had a staff ID submitted to NJ Smart that differs from the staff members' 'teacher ID' (which cannot be modified.)
  • State ID - required for state submissions
  • Include in NJ Smart - check this if you need the staff member reported
  • Do not Export to SchoolFI - check this if you do not want to export the staff ID to School Fi
  • Shared Teacher - check this off and use the "Shared/Co Teacher X" to indicate the staff ID you're working with is a combination staff ID.
  • Employment Status - this is where you indicate that a staff member is currently active or inactive
  • Full Name - This needs to be filled in with a value, generally in Last Name, First Name format. The "Update Full Name" button does this for you.  This will affect how the staff member's name appears in various dropdowns throughout Genesis, including the "Teacher" dropdowns in Scheduling>Sections.
  • NJSmart Submission Replacement ID* - *Only use this field if this Staff member should be reported as Staff member selected above in NJSmart Course Submission.


The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools tab is where you can add a school to the staff member.  

Additional info to enter on this screen:

  • Primary School Assignment - check this off for the school if it's the staff member's primary school
  • Percent of Time in School
  • Current Homeroom - assign a HR # to the staff member
  • Attendance Homeroom - this will allow them to take attendance for an additional HR that they are not assigned to
  • Next Homeroom - what their HR will be next year
  • Scheduling Team
  • Department / Department Head (if applicable)
  • If using Elem Grading: Grade Level, Special Subject Teacher, Basic Skills Teacher (can also be filled in for the teacher via Elementary Grading>Setup>Teacher Subjects.)

You can now mass delete attendance homeroom values by school via Staff>Staff>Tools, using the "Remove attendance homeroom by school" tool.



The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Audit screen is where you can see recent Updates / Deletes / Inserts for the teacher, all in one place.  Change the OBJECT dropdown to get different info.  Similar to the Audit tab from within Student Data, which gives you updates for individual students.

You have the option to search for Deletes, Inserts, and/or Updates.

The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>NJSmart Eval screen is where you may enter Evaluation Submission data for teachers.  These fields are: Teacher Practice Score, Teacher Average SGO Score, Administrator Practice Score, Administrator Goal Score, Administrator SGO Average Score, Summative rating.

Link to NJDOE Calculators:

Additional Fields used in Teacher Calculations: Teacher SGO Score One, Teacher SGO Score Two, Teacher SGO Score Three, Teacher SGP Score.

There is a "Calculate" button. This process will only update the Teacher Average SGO Score and the Summative Rating if they do not currently contain a value. Existing data will not be overridden. The Teacher SGP Score field is optional. If it is included, it will be used in the calculation.

Additional Fields Used in Administrator Calculations: SGP Type, School SGP Score (if applicable.)

There is a "Calculate" button. This process will only update the Summative Rating. The School SGP Score will only be used in the calculation for principals with one or more SGP grades or subjects.


The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Vehicles screen is where you enter a vehicle for your staff member, including: Year, Make, Model, Color, License Plate, Parking Lot, Parking Space, Permit Number

Job Roles

The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Job Roles screen is where you can enter info such as: 

Assigned to CDS, Full Time Equivalency, Job Code, Sub Category, Age Group Taught, Number of Classes Taught, HQT Qual. Status, Not HQ Reason, Support to become HQ, Credential Type, Teacher Prep, and an option of "Don't send this role to NJSMART Evaluation Report and NJ Staff Submission."


The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Qualifications screen is where you can enter info such as: Evaluation Of Staff, Salary, Certification Status, Exceptional Salary, MEP Session Type, Migrant Education Program Staff Category, Title I Program Staff Category, Highest Level of Education Completed, National Board Award, SE Program Contracted Services Category, LEP Instructor Credential Type, Years of Prior Experience, Years in NJ, Years in LEA, Prep Program, Alternate Route Program


The Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Conferences tab allows you to see the conferences available/scheduled for a specific staff member.

Employment History

You can add a new record via Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Employment history.  Click "Add Employment Record."

Nurse Visits

If your school keeps track of STAFF Nurse Visits you can view them on the Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Nurse Visits screen.

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