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Staff FAQ

Q: Why does (this) teacher not appear in (this) dropdown?

A:  It could be a few different spots.  Places to check:

  • In Staff>Staff, pull up the staff member. On the Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics screen, make sure the teacher’s name is listed in the “Full Name” field:

  • Also make sure that in the FULL NAME field, it is "LAST NAME, FIRST NAME." Otherwise, they will display out of order in the dropdowns so you will not see them. (Unless, of course, your district does this a different way. As long as it's consistent!)
  • On Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools, make sure a school is assigned to the staff member. If one is not added, click "ADD":
  • Make sure that the Staff ID has "Teacher" checked off via Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics as well:
  • If you are a sysadmin and you are wondering why staff members do not display for you in Gradebook etc, they need to be assigned to your logon via Setup>Security>Users>Modify User in the “Staff Assigned” area.  Alternately, if you're a sysadmin, you can check off the "Allow user to see all staff in user selected school. (on certain screens)" option in that same area.  For teachers/other staff, you will not want to check that option off for them.
  • If the teacher does not see their name, a sysadmin needs to pull the staff member up in Setup>Security>Users>Modify User and assign that staff ID to their logon ID in the “Staff Assigned” area. That is how they are connected.

Q: Why can't I give this staff ID this homeroom number?

A: One staff member can only have one homeroom number at a time.

If a teacher has left, you first must remove the HR # from Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools (blank it out and save first!) and then you can attach that same HR # to the new staff member.

You can grant a teacher an "Attendance HR" which would allow them to take attendance for that additional homeroom, even if they cannot be technically assigned to it.  

This is done with the "Attendance HR" dropdown on Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools.

Q: This staff member does not have access to this screen. Why?

A: This is a security issue and your system administrator will need to update this via Setup>Security>Roles. Please take a look at our Securable Location Reference Guide. You will need to determine which location is missing from one of the user's roles.

After it is added in, the user will need to log out and log back in to get the security change.

To add a new role to User, you do this by using the "Add..." button found in the "Roles" area on the Setup>Security>Users>Modify User screen.

Q: Is there a way for me to import staff emails or do I need to manually put them in?

A: Depending on how many you have, you can update the accounts manually or potentially use Core>Import. There is a template in Core>Import you can use, if necessary. Step 1. select the STAFF table. And Step 2. is the DISTRICT TEACHER table. Note: be careful with this import - you cannot undo a mass import of fields.

Q: Can we export Staff information?

A: Yes, depending on what you need.  Perform a search via Staff>Staff>Search Staff, and in the top right hand corner, there will be an excel icon. You can then click that and get an excel file based on your search results. The columns on the output are: 

Local Id    Other Id    State Id    Last Name    First Name    Former Name    Schools    Department    Teacher    Nurse    Case Manager    Homeroom    Include in NJSMART    Shared    Email    Status

There are no additional reports, aside from the NJ Smart reports listed on Staff>Reports, but you can create a report writer report at any time, using the STAFF tables.

Additionally, take a look at our Useful Reports Wiki - we have a Staff Information Form report that you can import into your system at any time.

Q: I added a staff member in Staff. How do I setup their logon?

A: To add a "staff" ID - you go to Staff>Staff>Add Staff. Adding the staff/teacher ID does not automatically create a "logon" into Genesis itself.

To add a Genesis ID/Logon ID for that user, you go to Setup>Security>Users and click "Add User." That creates the logon they'll use to actually access the Genesis SIS.

Q: My teachers' local IDs are not getting pulled when I download the course roster submission. What is wrong?

A: This probably means you do not use the Other ID field in Staff.

If you go to the NJ>NJSmart>Course Submission screen, uncheck "Use Other ID" and click "Save settings."

After that is saved, recollect the submission - and it will pull staff IDs from the LOCAL ID field within Genesis, rather than the "Other ID" field (which is most likely blank.)

(The reverse can be true, as well.  Check it if you do use the Other ID field and need that # reported to NJ Smart.)

Q: Why can't this staff member post a student note for a student via Student Data>Modify Student>Notes?

  • Make sure they have the studentdata.modifystudent.notes securable location
  • Make sure they have a staff ID tied to their logon ID within Setup>Security>Users>Modify User in the "staff assigned" area.

Q: How can I get a staff member to appear in the Appointment With dropdown in Student Data>Modify Student>Conferences?

A: The "appointment with" pulls from the Counselor field on the Staff>Staff>Modify Staff screen, as well as the "Disciplinarian" checkbox on Staff>Staff>Modify Staff. So, the staff member would need to be marked as one of those to appear.

Q: How do I mark a staff member as <THIS> in the system?

A: You can check off different staff identities via Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>DemographicsSome fields available on that screen: Counselor ID, 504 coordinator, Administrator, Athletic trainer, Long term substitute, Case manager, Disciplinarian, Library admin, Nurses, Other staff member, Principals, Related service provider, Resource teacher, Spec ed team, Teacher, Vice principal

Q: Can we record nurse visits for staff members?

A: Yes.  The ability to add staff visits has been added.

In order to add a staff visit, users will need Add rights to the "nurses.visits.staff" securable location.

When a user has add rights, a new tab will appear for Students or Staff at the top of the New Visit screen.

Select Staff to search for a staff member to create the visit for.

The Search Visits screen will allow users to search for staff visits if a user is given inquiry rights to the "nurses.visits.staff" securable location.

A new screen in the Staff Module will show you the visits for an individual staff member.

The securable location "staff.staff.modifyStaff.visits" is needed to view the screen.

Q: Is there a way to mass update the Full Name field to show as Last name, First Name for all Staff members?

A: Yes. We have a tool you can run via Staff>Staff>Tools>Misc Tools. It's the "Update Staff 'Full Name' Field" tool.

Q: Can I import STAFF photos?

A: Yes - from the Staff>Staff>Staff Photos screen.

A staff photo must be an industry standard JPG file; that is a resolution of about 100 pixels wide in resolution.

Genesis will automatically scale the photos to a width of 100 on most screens in Genesis; getting your images exactly to a width of 100 is not important.

The filename must be staffid.jpg (for example: 12345.jpg). The import routine will try adding up to 10 leading zeros to find a match. (This is a work around for buggy photographer software that generate the filenames but drop the leading zeros)
Zip the staff photos with an archive utility of your choice.

Upload the zip file using the controls below.

Existing JPG file on the server will be replaced by the one in the zip file.

Q: This user cannot log into Genesis.  Why?  How do I fix this?

This is actually an issue with their LOGON ID rather than their Staff ID.  You can review their Logon ID via Setup>Security>Users. They might have disabled their account/logon ID with too many password attempts etc.  You can enable them in Setup>Security>Users>Modify User by checking off "Enabled" and clicking SAVE. And you can also reset their password on that screen, if needed.

Q: How do I tie the staff ID to the Genesis Logon ID and set Represents User appropriately?

You would modify the logon ID in Setup>Security>Users. In the lower right hand side, there is a "Staff Assigned" area. Search for the staff ID and add it. If the staff ID is the staff member that "represents" the Genesis Logon ID itself, make sure to check off the "Represents User" button as well. Review our article on this here.

Q: This teacher cannot see their info in Gradebook but they are tied to course sections.

You most likely need to tie their staff ID to their logon ID. You would modify the logon ID in Setup>Security>Users. In the lower right hand side, there is a "Staff Assigned" area. Search for the staff ID and add it.

Q: Can I modify a local staff ID?

Yes via Administration>Staff>Change Staff ID.

Q: How do I mark a staff member as a counselor?

A: In Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics and check off "Counselor"

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