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You can add new staff members via Staff>Staff>Add Staff.

The "Staff ID" (created/modified in Staff>Staff) is seen as an object and holds information like demographics, teacher schedule, etc.

The staff object allows the Genesis user to be represented as an actual person working in the district.

This is done by assigning a staff member to the user account, granting the user access to:

  • Teacher Gradebooks
  • Posting attendance/grades as a teacher
  • Webdesk
  • Assuming a job role such as Nurse, Counselor, Teacher, etc.

(The "User" is the Logon ID, created in Setup>Security>Users.)

While not required, the "Full Name" field is important here, especially for new teachers.

This should be filled in with a value, generally in Last Name, First Name format.

The "Update Full Name" button does this for you.

This will affect how the staff member's name appears in various dropdowns throughout Genesis, including the "Teacher" dropdowns in Scheduling>Sections.  

If nothing is entered here, for example, they will not display in the dropdown.

Steps on Adding a New Staff ID:

  1. Go to Staff>Staff>Add Staff and enter the relevant info. The Teacher/Staff ID is the Local ID - and it is up to the district to create this ID. When finished, click "Next."
  2. After clicking "Next" you will be brought to the Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics tab where you can continue entering all the relevant info.  Click through the additional subtabs, such as Job Roles, Schools, Qualifications etc to enter all the info you have.
    Please Note: If adding a new TEACHER, there are 3 spots that must be filled in for the Staff Object ID to appear in all relevant dropdowns (such as the "Teacher" dropdown in Scheduling>Sections>Modify Section): 
    1. the FULL NAME field must have info entered - that is how the teacher's name will appear in the dropdowns.
    2. they must be checked off as a "Teacher" on the Demographics tab as well
    3. they must have a SCHOOL assigned on the Schools subtab. Click "ADD" if one is not listed:

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