Entrance Pass Settings for the Parent Portal

Modified on Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 2:39 PM

This is found on the Parent Access>Setup>Settings>School Settings>User Text/Flags tab.

This section allows to fill out user flag requirements for students which will produce a message within the student portal that says if a student is eligible to enter school.

Display Entrance Pass: An entrance pass will be displayed for students on the Student Summary screen.

This new feature allows to configure whether a student is allowed to enter school based on user flags. The "Pass" is shown to students in the Student Module. They click on the Entrance Pass button on the Student Summary screen which will bring up their pass.

To configure this, the settings are located on the Parent Access>Setup>Setting>School Settings>User Text/Flags screen.

Select the user flags that will prevent entrance to school. Once you check the "Display Entrance Pass" field, t he students will then see the Entrance Pass button in there Student Portal. Based on the user flags you have selected, the student will either see a Green Pass or a Red pass, Green meaning the student can enter while the red means they are denied entry. If the student is denied, the reason for the denial is shown on the bottom of the pass.

There is also a verification code on the pass that is generated daily. This will prevent students from taking a screen shot of the pass on one day and then use it another day. Staff can access the verification code on the User Text/Flags screen or on the User Preferences screen (Click on the lock icon in the top right corner). The code can be viewed once you check the "Display Entrance Pass" field.

An example of this would be to check off a 'Covid Warning' and 'Covid Form not submitted' user flags for the pass. If a student had either of these flags, the student would come up as Denied in the Entrance Pass.

For more info, there is a video that can be seen at the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfRQUS6JOhE

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