Next Year Request Settings for the Parent Portal

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--------------- New / Enhanced

* Parents > Setup > Settings > School Settings > Next Year Requests

- Added new option called "Lock all screens until requests are made"

- Enabling this will require portal accounts to finish requesting courses to access other pages in their portal

- This checks if all requests are made by looking at the minimum credits allowed and minimum credits allowed for subject areas

Next Year Requests in the Parents / Student Module

The "Next Year Requests" options via Parent Access>Setup>Settings>School Settings>Next Year Requests controls whether Next Year Course Requests can be made in the Parent Module.

These options are select on a School-plus-Grade Level basis, so different selections can be made by school AND grade level:

There are various options for each school-plus-grade level for next year requests.  In addition, subject areas and the "Acknowledgement" button can also be configured from this screen:

The fields have the following meanings and usage:



Students Entering Grade

Requests for are allowed only for the students entering the specified grade level (i.e. where they will be after the rollover; where they will be next year.)

Parents Requests Screen Available

If yes, the Requests screen is visible. If no, the Requests screen is not visible. This is the master switch for Course Requests in the Parents / Students Module.

Add/Remove Requests

If yes, the parents / students can add or remove requests. If no, the requests can be seen but not updated.

Only Show courses with grade level of next year requests

If yes, courses must be marked with a grade level, and that grade level must match the student's "Next Year Grade Level" in order to be displayed. If no, all courses are displayed regardless of their marked Grade Level (or if they have a marked Grade Level).

Hide courses student cannot request

This hides courses that would otherwise show as having not met requirements.

Show Graduation Requirements

If yes, the student's graduation requirements are displayed

Only Show Subject Areas that Contain Courses

If yes, hide subject areas without active courses that can be selected. Note: Subject areas must be set up in graduation requirements in order to appear in the requests tab on parent's module.

Show Priority Drop Down for Requests

If yes, show a "priority" drop down. This allows parents / students to indicate the level of desire for the course being requested.

Show Note field for Requests

If yes, display a Note field where parents / students can enter notes with the request.

Show locked-in requests

Selecting this option will show any actual Student Requests inside the "Requests" screen in the parent portal

Show counselor requests

Only show teacher recommendations and counselor requests in request a course screen

selecting this option will remove teacher recommendations and counselor requests from the "Requests" screen in the parent portal, but still show them in the "Course Catalog" screen when a student presses "Request a course"

Show Teacher Recommendations

Display recommendations made by the teachers.

Subject Area Options

The Requests screen in the Parent / Student module is divided into Subject Areas.

The Subject Area Options screen allows you to specify the maximum number of requests and a message that can be displayed for each of these "Subject Area" on the Next Year Requests screen

For each Subject Area you can specify:

  • Maximum Requests Allowed – Specify the maximum number of requests that can be made for courses with this Subject.
  • Maximum credits students are allowed to request - If this option is set, students will not be able to request courses that will bring them over the max credits entered for that subject area
  • Message for the Course Selection Screen (HTML Allowed) – Add a message that can be displayed on the Course Request screen in Parent Access.

Request Acknowledgement Options

Optionally, an "Acknowledgement" button can be displayed in the Parent / Student Module to allow the parent (or student) indicate that they are finished with the choice of next year requests. 

The button appears as below:

The Request Acknowlegement Options screen allows you to configure the ability to configure this button and to optionally lock down the Next Year Requests screen - and disallow further choices and changes - once a parent (/ student) clicks the "Submit" button. This will add in a "Submit" tab for the parents to click on the Requests screen when they are finished.

Options are:

  • Show Acknowledgement Button to Guardian - check this off to have it display for guardians
  • Show Acknowledgement Button to Student - check this off to have it display for students
  • Lock Parent Request after Acknowledgement - this option will LOCK parents out from making additional requests/changes after they have submitted.
  • Link to User Flag - you can set this up to link to a user flag once parents click "Submit."
  • Message for the Acknowledgement (HTML Allowed) - Add a message that can be displayed above the "Submit" button.

When a parent or student clicks the "Acknowledgement" button, an icon can thus appear on the Student's Student Information Bar.


Procedure to Configure Course Requests  for the Parent / Student Module

1.    Go to the Parents>Setup>Settings>School Settings>Next Year Requests screen.

2.    Locate the entry for the school & Grade Level you wish to configure in the set of schools:

3.    Set the flags for the Next year Requests options.

4.    Repeat for additional schools.

5.    Click SAVE to store your choices.

6.    To update "Subject Area Options", click the SUBJECT AREA OPTIONS button.  This brings up the Subject Area Options screen.

7.    Fill in the maximum number of course requests allowed for each Subject Area.  If the field is blank, there is no limit to the number of courses that a student can request for the Subject Area.

8.    Optionally fill in a message for each Subject Area.  The messages can be specifically tailored to particular Subject Areas.

9.    Click SAVE to store your choices.

10.    To update the "Request Acknowledgement Options" click the Request Acknowledgement Options  button.  This brings up the Request Acknowledgement Options screen.

11.    Fill in the options for the display of the Request Acknowledgement button.

12.    Optionally choose a User Flag to be checked when the Acknowledgement button is clicked.

13.    Fill in a message for the Request Acknowledgement button.

14.    Click SAVE to store your choices.

Sample view of the Requests screen in the Parents Module:

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