Gradebook Seating Chart

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You can access the Seating Chart by clicking on the "Seating Chart" tab on the bottom left of the screen.

The Gradebook>Gradebook>Seating Chart screen is designed for two purposes:

  • To give you a printable, graphical view of you students.
  • To give you the ability to take attendance with this view.

Taking Attendance

When you enter the Seating Chart screen, the Take Attendance functionality is on.

Here are the steps to take attendance:

  1. Highlight the student(s) that you wish to update by clicking on their picture.
  2. Select the Attendance code from the "Attendance Code:" drop down.
  3. Click the "Post Attendance" link.

Once the attendance has been entered, the student(s) name who were updated will be outlined with the color of the attendance code that you selected.

If you put your mouse over the student, you will see the Attendance Description appear in a pop up.

If you would like to update different students to a different code, just repeat the steps above.

Note: This screen allows to take attendance for the current day only.

Updating and Printing your Seating Chart

Updating the Seats


In order to switch your student's seating order, switch the "Seating Chart Mode" on the top of the screen to "Change Seating".

Once the screen has refreshed, you will be able to drag your student's photos into any order that you can dream up.

You can also move the "Teacher's Desk" picture so that your room layout can be as realistic as possible.

Make sure to hit the "Save" button that is next to the "Seating Chart Mode" field on the top of the screen.

Printing the Chart

The Seating Chart screen has a light gray area that is surrounded by dotted lines.

This is the "Print Area" of the screen.

Any student within this area will be able to be printed correctly.

In order to print, just click on the Printer icon at the top of the screen.

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