Homeroom Attendance

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If teachers are taking attendance from Attendance>HR Attendance, you will need to run Report 1325.

(If teachers are taking HR attendance through Gradebook, you will need to run Report 60810 instead.)


The Attendance>HR Attendance screen allows teachers to post attendance for their Homerooms.

This screen posts to the students' Daily Attendance, not Class Attendance.

If you want the Daily to automatically update class attendance, see the Class Attendance FAQ section for information.

If a user has multiple teachers assigned to themselves (in Setup>Security>Users>Modify), then there is a drop down on the top left of the screen which each of the teacher names.

Teachers can only have one Homeroom assigned to them.

  • However, if you want to give a teacher the ability to take Attendance on this screen for another teacher, you can do this by assigning that teacher an "Attendance Homeroom".
  • This can be configured on the Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools screen:
  • If the attendance homeroom is filled in, then the Homeroom field will be a drop down with each of the homerooms assigned to the teacher.


It is important to note that this screen posts to the students Daily Attendance, not Class Attendance.

If you want the Daily to automatically update class attendance, see the Class Attendance FAQ section for information.


How do we determine what student's are shown?

The students who are shown on this screen are based on the Homeroom that you see at the top of the screen.

If Homeroom 101 is selected, then Genesis will look for any active student assigned to HR 101 in the school.

Whatever student's are found will be shown on this screen.

  • If students are not appearing or there are incorrect students, you can make changes to a student's record via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required, using the "Home Room" dropdown.
  • If you need to make changes to student homeroom assignments en masse, you do so via Administration>Assignments>HR Assignments. 
  • If you need to make changes to a TEACHER'S HR ASSIGNMENT, you can do so via Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools and/or Scheduling>Setup>Teachers.
  • If you need to add/remove/modify room designations, you can do so via Scheduling>Setup>Rooms.

Taking Attendance

In order to take attendance, simply select the attendance code from the drop down in the "Today's Attendance" column.

The actual codes that are displayed are setup by the district.

Sometimes, a time is required with the code. If this is the case, then 3 fields will open under the Time Tardy column when the code is selected.

You enter the time into these fields by putting in the hour in the first box, minute in the second and then selecting AM or PM in the drop down.

Once you have filled out the information, click on the "Post Attendance" button and then all the students in your Homeroom will be updated.

Note: If the attendance code drop down is read only (meaning the teachers can not change the attendance), this means that the student already has an attendance code that is not set up for teachers use.

This can be changed on the Attendance>Codes>Modify screen by changing the "Use For Teachers" flag to Yes.

Printing Attendance

The HR Attendance screen can be printed into a PDF by clicking on the Printer icon at the top of the screen.

Seating Chart

A relatively newer screen has been added to Attendance>HR Attendance.

You can arrange the seats as well as take attendance through the Seating Chart tab (just as you can through Gradebook.)

If the 'current user' is linked to a Staff Member used as an "HR Teacher", the Seating Chart screen will display the students in their HR - no course section need.

Users will need the "attendance.hrattendance.seatingchart" securable location to see the tab.

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