Open Registration Search Screen

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Search Open Registrations

Once this is enabled and parents are using it, you will find entries on this screen.  You can locate this info via Registration>Open Reg>Search Open Registrations.

You can search for students by Barcode ID, Family Last Name, School Year, Anticipated School, Anticipated Grade, Student Form Progress, Denied/Not Denied, Appointments From/To, Reg ID, and by Status.

Once you have search results, you have options to Register or Pre-register the students, delete out entries, modify the status of the application, enter appointment info, and print out a bar code form:

  • To PRE-REGISTER students from this screen, click the icon in the "Pre-Reg" column. This places the student into a holding school and the student will not be activated until you perform the summer rollover with us.
  • To REGISTER students from this screen,  icon in the "Reg" column.  This enters the student as a new student in the current school year.

The Open Reg screen warns the user if a student exists right after they click Register or Pre-register. The system will compare with the current system school year when looking for students.

You should get this pop-up if the student matches to an existing student in the system:

Additional options with search results on this screen:

  • Update School Year
  • Update Grade Level
  • Update School
  • Update Status:
  • Add a Note
  • Add an Appointment
  • Print out the form (for one student, or all students)
  • Create a "Logon" for the Registration package itself
  • View/manage documents uploaded to Registration package
  • Modify the package itself - which logs you out and brings you to the Open Reg portal
  • Archive the student registration package
  • Deny the student registration package

Emailing Open Reg Packages

  • Checking off Open Reg Students and clicking the 'Email Open Reg Packages' button will bring up a dialog with settings to send emails out to the selected packages with the following options. In order to use these options "Allow Logins to Open Registration" must be selected. 
    • 'Create Open Reg Accounts' - If no account exists for a package this will create one and attach the login details to the emails being sent out
    • 'Reset Open Reg Accounts' - If an account exists for a package then the login info will be reset and attached to the emails being sent out
  • The master district email is what is used to send these emails out, a reply to email can be set manually to allow parents to respond to the emails.
  • Emails will only be sent if the package has an email on one of the guardians, if no email is found the email will not be sent and account creation/resetting will not occur for those accounts.
  • If multiple students with the same package are selected, only 1 email will be sent out for that package
  • 'Has Guardian Email' search option will be able to display only packages with/without a valid email

Completed Registration

You can view Completed and Archived registration packages via Registration>Open Reg>Completed Registrations.

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