Open Registration Account Management

Modified on Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 12:59 PM

Open Registration Account Management

You can allow parents using your district's Open Reg portal to create their own Open Reg logon IDs.

When this is enabled, when parents are entering their info through your Open Reg portal, they'll be prompted to create a logon ID and password.

They can save their progress and/or make any additional changes as needed.

To enable this feature, set the "Allow Logins to Open Registration" radio button to YES and click SAVE OPTIONS on the Registration>Open Reg>Setup>Setup tab.

You also have the option to set the "Allow submissions to open reg if login is enabled and required fields are not completed" field to yes. 

This will allow them to log back in to the Open Reg portal to continue adding info for their students, if needed.

What Parents See

Parents will see this option on the Review/Submit tab at the end of their Open Reg registration:

To log back in to their Open Reg packet, they will click "Continue Previous Registration" and be prompted to enter their info:

How Admins can Manually Update Parents' Open Reg Logons

If needed, you can update a specific Open Reg logon ID or password for a parent via Registration>Open Reg>Search Open Registrations.

Just locate the "Logon" icon to the right of the Open Reg packet and click into it.



As many districts are struggling to complete on-site Registration due to the current state of 'Social Distancing' we have added some new features to Open Registration to help out with the process.

You may now email out username and passwords for 'Parental Open Reg Accounts' that allow parents to log back into their already submitted Open Reg packages and submit further information you may still require.

This might include documents (like Proof of Residency), custom questions or to collect new appointment times. (this does not apply to packages that have already been registered)

In order to do so, you must first enable the 'Allow Logins to Open Registration' setting from Registration>Open Reg.>Setup>Setup page.

To send out emails, first search for the Open Reg packages you wish to send communications to.

You can take advantage of existing and new search filters including 'Package Status' and 'Document Status' to find packages that do not have all of your required information within.

This would include any new requirements you may have added since the package was submitted.

Check off all of the packages you wish to communicate with and click the 'Email Open Reg Packages' button.

This will pop up a new window with the following options:

  • Create Open Reg Accounts - This will create a username and password for the parent to log into Open Registration allowing them to update their existing Open Reg package. The username and password will be automatically added to the email body. User names will be set as the first guardian email address found in the open reg package. Users with a current Open Reg username and password will not have a new account created for them unless you use the following option.
  • Reset Open Reg Accounts - In case the user already has a username and password, you may check this off to create a new account to the parent to log in with.
  • Reply To - Optionally, the user may fill in a Reply To email address for the outgoing email. If parents reply to the email they receive, their emails will be sent to this address. Emails will be sent from the 'Parent Access From Address' found in Core>Email>Setup.
  • Subject and Body Text - This will be the subject line and body of the email that is sent.

All checked off users will receive an email so long as they have an email address listed for one of their Guardian contacts in the open reg package.

You may use the new search filter, 'Has Guardian Email' to find packages with, or without, an email address entered.

If 'Reset Open Reg Accounts' is not checked and the parent already has an Open Reg username and password, a new username and password will not be included in the email.

Only the text in the 'Email body' will be included in the sent email.

Once a parent has a username and password, they will be able to enter them into the Open Reg login page to continue with their existing Open Reg package.

They will do so by hitting the 'Continue Previous Registration' button found under the security pictures (which they will ignore).

In addition, we have added a compression algorithm to the Open Reg document upload for JPG images. JPG images are limited to a maximum size of approximately 10 mb (equating to ~1.5 mb when compressed).

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