Home Language Survey Overview

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--------------- New / Enhanced | 6/5/2021
* Home Language Survey has been updated to May 2021 version.

This survey is used to determine whether the student is not ELL or may be ELL.

It can be enabled and required in Registration>Open Reg>Setup and will appear in Open Registration for parents to answer and fill out.


As of 6/5/2021, Genesis has been calculating ELL status using the following guidance from May 2021.


The below diagrams explain the questions that are asked and the paths that are taken to determine if the student might be ELL or is not ELL.

Question 1: List all languages used in the student's home.

Question 2: Was the first language used by the student a language other than English? 


  1. If No, go to Question 3. 
  2. If Yes, go to Question 3.

Question 3: Does the student speak or understand a language other than English? 


  1. If No, survey done, go to Result C
  2. If Yes, go to Question 4. 

Question 4: When interacting with others at home (example: parents, guardians, siblings), does the student understand or use a language other than English most of the time?


  1. If No, go to Question 5.
  2. If Yes, go to Question 5. 

Question 5: When interacting with others outside the home (example: friends, caregivers), does the student understand or use a language other than English most of the time?


  1. If No, go to Result A
  2. If Yes, go to Result B 


Result A:

Did they answer “Yes” to either Question #4 or Question #5?

  • No (Go to Result C)
  • Yes (Go to Result B)

Result B:

The student is marked Maybe ELL in Genesis.

Result C:

The student is marked Not ELL in Genesis.

When ELL survey is enabled, the search screen will have an ELL Status column which will display the students ELL Status.

Survey Screen In Open Registration

  • Each student will have their own survey to complete
  • Questions are asked one at a time and will go to the correct next question based on the previous answer.


Survey Screen in Student Data

You can view this on Student Data>Modify Student>ELL>Home Language Survey.

  • This screen lists the questions that were asked and answered as well as the student responses
  • Can add a note to this screen
  • ELL Status will automatically be set to 'No' or 'Maybe' depending on the responses
  • More statuses can be added and set


Survey Results in GenMessaging

You will find an event for Home Language Surveys in the Available Events section in GenMessaging

Users who subscribe to this event will receive a GenMessage any time a student from OpenRegistration is either Registered or PreRegistered and was flagged as 'May be ELL'.

You can view Genmessaging events via Setup>Genmessaging>Events.


Survey Results in Reporting

To view both registered students and open registration students who have participated in the Home Language Survey, you may run report 22201 - Home Language Survey found under the Student Data Reports tabs.

Note that this is a published Report Writer report so it may be further added to or edited by your district.

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