Grade Change Requests Feature

Modified on Wed, Feb 28 at 12:12 PM

Grade Change Requests

We added the ability for teachers to submit Grade Change Requests.

The requests are submitted and have to be approved in order to be posted to the students record.

You approve/deny them on the Student Data>Change Requests>Grade Change Requests tab.

To turn this on, go to the Grading>Grading Process>Grade Change Setup screen and check the "Allow Grade Change Requests" and click SAVE SETUP.

Once checked, the teachers will have the ability to enter Grade Change Requests for any prior marking period/school year that is not currently opened for grading.

This is done in the Gradebook on the Gradebook>Student>Grading screen.

Click the "Request Report Card Grade Change" and you can then enter the new requested grade and a reason. Both are required.

When you click "Request Report Card Grade Change," you'll get this pop up to finish out the request and submit:

Note: after submitting, a user can edit the request on the same screen:

Once the teacher submits the Grade Change, they can edit or delete the request until it has been approved or denied.

The requests can then be seen on the Student Data>Change Requests>Grade Change Requests screen.

On this screen, the user just has to select the Approved or Denied and then hit save.

If the grade change request is accepted, a message will appear when viewing the grade that a grade change request was accepted, and all the relevant data tied to that grade change if you click the icon for more details.

When you set a grade change request as "Accepted," it will change the posted Marking Period grade for the student.

You will see this on the Student Data>Modify Student>Grades tab highlighted in green:

You can audit this information using the "GradeChangeRequest" table.

And there is a notation on the grade itself that will make it clear there was a grade request and subsequent change on the record.

NOTE: If you set it to "ACCEPTED" and SAVE, you can no longer modify that specific grade change on the Student Data>Change Requests>Grade Change Requests screen.  You can always modify the grade administratively on the Student Data>Modify Student>Grades>Modify Grade screen, but you can't make any changes from the Grade Change Requests tab itself.

The "Accepted" records will just look like this:

If you deny it, you will be able to make additional changes on the Grade Change Requests tab.

Additionally, two new GenMessage subscriptions were added for this feature.

  • The first is "Grade Change Request" which will alert subscribers when a new Grade Change Request has been added. 
  • The second is "Grade Change Request Update", which will notify the teacher when the Grade Change Request has been Accepted or Denied.
Securable Location: StudentData.ChangeRequests.Grades

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