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I use Skill grades. Why isn't this grade pulling to the report card for students?

  1. Core Subject report cards require the courses to have the "Core Subject" and "Skill Group" filled in. This is found on the Curriculum file itself - via Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Curriculum. Review the course on that screen to ensure this info is filled in.
  2. Core Subject report cards can have only one Core Subject. So, for example, if a student is missing some courses on the report card - make sure "Math" is not selected for 2 courses.  If "Math" is selected for MATH and then also ART, as an example, both courses would be blank on the student's report card.  Review each course the student has to ensure this info is filled in, via Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Curriculum
  3. Check the RC template and definition to make sure the Core Subjects are added and in the proper order.  If Core Subject is listed on BOTH definition and template, the template's Core Subjects trump definitions.
  4. Review the MACROS on the Report card itself, via Grading>Report Cards>Templates>Fields.  The Macros need to match the SKILL CODES found via Grading>Setup>Skills. Review both screens to make sure there are no typos or incorrect codes.
  5. Review the student's current year schedule via Student Data>Modify Student>Current Year Schedule>View Schedule. Also review skill grades entered via Student Data>Modify Student>Grades>Skills and Narrative Comments.  Are the skill codes the correct codes?  For example, are they the codes connected to the student's grade level?  This could cause grades to not appear as well.

List of Groups

List of Skills

Skills in Groups

"Core Subjects for Report Card" can be added via Grading>Report Cards>Template>Click to Modify the Template.

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