Report Card Screens

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Under Grading>Report Cards, there are three subtabs: Generate, Report Cards, and Templates.

This page will briefly go over those screens.



The Grading>Report Cards>Generate screen allows you to run/generate report cards en masse for students in this school.

Once you click "Accept", it will generate, and you'll get a pop-up and can then view the output.

Update Marking Period Attendance Summary tool: This will update the student marking period attendance counts that are printed on some report cards.  If this school's report card prints marking period attendance summary counts, then this function should be run first. If this function is not run first then all the counts will be 0 on the report cards.

Parameters available when generating report cards:

  • Select Report Card to run
  • Select Student List
  • Print Student's in Grade(s)
  • Select Sort Order
  • Print a report card for only the Guardian1 Address
  • Print all flagged addresses except Guardian1 Address
  • Suppress interims / report cards that do not contain any courses
  • Suppress interims / report cards for students with OPEN fines
  • Use Duplex Printing
  • Report Card Date
  • Number of times to print the first student's report card
  • Print report cards only for students that are in this school

Report Cards

The Grading>Report Cards>Report Cards screen allows you to add/view/modify your Report Card definitions.

This is the screen where you define which report card template goes with which marking period, grading collection etc.

If you click "Add Definition" - you will get a pop up that allows you to create a new report card definition and tie it to a report card template:

If you click to MODIFY an existing report card definition, you can make various edits.

This is the paper/pencil icon to the right:

When you click to MODIFY a report card definition, you will get to this screen:

On this screen, you can:

  • Change the "Name" of the Report Card Definition (Marking Period 1, Interim 1 etc)
  • Change the "Default Template" associated with the marking period definition associated with it. For example, if you created a new report card template, you would need to modify each marking period and select the NEW template in this dropdown, and save.
  • Select an "Alt. Language Template" if your district does this.
  • Select the "Marking Period" field to align the definition with the correct marking period
  • Select the "Type" - either MASS or SINGLE.  "MASS" report cards are the report cards that appear when you mass generate report cards. "SINGLE" report cards are the report cards that appear in Student Data>Modify Student>Report Cards and on the Parent Portal
  • Set the "Available to Parents Module" radio button - this is for Single Report Cards Only
  • Set the "Show Grades/Attendance from All Schools" field if needed
  • Enter a value in the Message 1 and/or Message 2 fields.  This is a message you can post to all report cards in this report card definition.  It's connected to the "MESSAGE1" and "MESSAGE2" report card macro.  This macro would need to be in place on your actual report card template as a FIELD for the message to display on this report card definition. 
  • Set the "Core Subjects for Report Card" and check off Allow Non-Core Subject Courses on Core Subject RC" if needed
  • Set the GPA1 and/or GPA2 fields.  These are GPAs you can set to display on this report card definition if you use GPA_DEF1 and/or GPA_DEF2 macros on the report card template.
  • Change/Set Up the correct GRADING COLLECTIONS for the report card definition. For example, if this is a Marking Period 1 report card definition, your district might only check off "Marking Period 1" in this area.
  • Change/Setup Up the correct ATTENDANCE COLLECTIONS for the report card definition. For example, if this is a Marking Period 1 report card definition, your district will check off just "Marking Period 1" in this area.
  • You can also set "Overrides" on this screen.  For example, if you have different report card templates for each grade level, select each specific grade-level template i the "Override Template for Grade" area in the corresponding grade level rows.


The Grading>Report Cards>Templates screen is where you can create/modify/review the report card templates.

This is the screen where you can view the background form/pdf for each template, the macros/fields for each template, and export/import report card packages out of/into your Genesis instance.

If you click the modify icon, you will get to this screen, where you can change the name, author, sequence, core subjects, view/upload a new template PDF, view/upload an Overflow PDF, view/upload a new source document, export the report card package, and import a report card package:

If you click the FIELDS button, you will get to the screen where all of your macros are stored.

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