Student Records and Assessments

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How Scores are Stored in the Assessment Module

Student Assessment Scores are stored on records that hold up to 200 scores for each unique student, test, exam, year and month.

These records are in a table called StudentAssessmentScore. This table is available in the ReportWriter.

Each StudentAssessmentScore.record contains a "header" - a set of fields identifying the student, test, exam, etc. - and 200 score "slots".

A single record is identified by these fields (these are the “Header” fields):

Field / Column

Sample Data


*Student Id


Local Student Id

*Test Name


The name of the 'test' that this record represents. (AP = Advanced Placement)

Exam Name


If a test is broken down into exams, the exam name can be placed here. This is an optional field.



The year the student took the assessment



The month the student took the assessment

* - These fields / columns are required.


The full layout for each “Student Assessment” record contains the “header” fields – those listed in the table above, as well as slots for 200 scores.  

The first six score positions (the first 6 "slots")  are hardwired to have specific interpretations, leaving 194 “unmapped” scores:

Record Header:


Score 1: Language Arts

Score 2: Reading

Score 3: Writing

Score 4: Math

Score 5: Science

Score 6: Score

Score slots 7 to 199


Score 200


The first 6 score slots are called the “core scores” and Genesis handles them specially.  

The remaining 194 slots in each StudentAssessmentScore record can contain any scores. Up to 200 scores per student can be contained in a single Assessment record.

A "Student's Assessments" consist of all StudentAssessmentScore records in the system for that one student.

A Student can have one record in each "Assessment" defined in Genesis.


Student Data > Assessments screen

You can view, delete, and add Assessment scores from Student Data>Modify Student>Assessments.

The "Setup" link will bring you directly to the Assessments>Setup>Modify Assessment screen for that test.

The "Result File" link will bring you directly to the Assessment>Setup>Result Files screen for that test.

The modify icon to the right of the record  will allow you to modify the scores directly on this screen:

The icon will tell you the last time the assessment was updated.

The trash can icon will allow you to delete the assessment record for the student.

Procedure to add an assessment score directly on this screen:

  1. Go to Student Data>Modify Student>Assessments
  2. Select the Assessment name, Template Name, and enter an Exam Name:
  3. Click "Add."
  4. Enter scores and other applicable information (grade level, semester, year, month, print on transcript)
  5. Click "save."

NOTE: the "Show only the assessments for the current year" option is checked off on this screen by default. If you're adding assessment scores from past years, uncheck that.

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