Viewing and Updating Scores in Gradebook

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How Does Updating Scores from the Gradebook Work?

Students’ scores are stored in Assessments, in “Student Assessment Score” records.

Data Views are created to pull scores from one or more Assessments and show these groups of scores to teachers in the Gradebook.

The Data Views appear as longitudinal spreadsheets of scores. A Data View contains a “snapshot” of scores pulled from the underlying Assessments.

When scores are updated in a Data View, scores are pushed back into the underlying Assessment(s), as well as updating the Data View’s own snapshot.

The Data Views are also used to update the scores in the Assessments to which they are attached. Teachers enter the scores into the Data Views they can see in the Gradebook.

The scores are passed back to and stored in the underlying Assessments:

A Data View must be connected to at least one Assessment.  It can be connected to many different Assessments.  

The teachers only see the scores displayed by the Data View:  they are unaware of the underlying Assessments.

Existing Assessments or New Assessments?

Assessments to be filled with scores by teachers be newly created – or they can pre-exist and be partially already filled with data.  

Either way – preexisting or newly created – they are linked up to a Data View and all teacher input is via the Data View.

What Does it mean to Create an Assessment?

When you define an Assessment, you are designing a “template” or “map” for the Student Assessment records to be stored in the Assessment.  

Each Assessment’s “map” is different.  The first six scores in the map are fixed (“mapped”) and the next 194, from slot 7 to 200, are “unmapped” and you use them as you wish:

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