Sports Eligibility Overview

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Step 1: Set Calculations

Make sure Semester 1 grades exist for all Full Year courses.

This determines the amount of credits earned in the first half of the year (Spring Season).

The same goes for Final Grades in Quarter and Semester Courses.

You may have to adjust your calculations setup on the Grading>Setup>Calculations screen:

The 'S1 for FY' column represents the percentage of each grading collection that will make up the Semester 1 grade for all Full Year courses.

There will need to be values here, or Semester 1 grades will not be calculated for Full Year courses.

The columns to the left of this represent the percentage of each grading collection that make up the Final Grade for each listed course. Always save changes.

If any of this information is changed, you should always recalculate grades on the Grading>GPA/Rank>Maintenance screen for the current year.

Step 2: Set Criteria, then Calculate

Go to the Grading>Sports Eligibility screen, where you will set the required credits and calculate Eligibility.

In the top section of the screen, displayed is the State Standards for credit requirements.

You can override these by filling them in at the bottom portion of the screen.

These values can be different between the Fall and Spring seasons, and the Freshmen and upper classmen.

To Calculate Sports Eligibility: Go to top of the screen, choose the Spring or Fall, and click Calculate.

Step 3: Review Sports Eligibility

One report to run is 43400 - Sports Eligibility Report.

You can view an individual student's eligibility on the Student Data>Modify Student>Athletics>Sports Eligibility tab.


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