Attaching Turnstile to Nurse Check In

Modified on Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 2:23 PM

Attach Turnstile Events to Nurse Checkins

The student checkin for nurse visits is a feature that allows students to check themselves into the nurses office without a nurse having to create them.  

By allowing the visit to be tied to a turnstile event, Nurses Visits can use the functionality of the Turnstile.  

The functionality allows teachers to see when their students check into and out of the nurses office inside of their gradebooks.

Here's how to get started using this feature.  

Setup the Event

The first thing you will need to do is setup a nurses event on the Setup → Schools → Events screen.  Create your event with a name like "Nurses Office" so that your users can easily identify the event.  The event will be for Students.  

Once you create it, make sure to check off checkbox in the nurses column, so that Genesis knows this is a nurses event.  

Select a color that you would like displayed when a student checks into the nurses office. The color is required in order for  the event to be displayed on the student information bar or in the gradebook.

Configure the User 

A "kiosk" user will be needed to be configured to log into the computer that will be used for the students to check into the nurse's office.  You can create the new user via Setup>Security>Users.

You do not want to use the nurses user for this, because they will have access and rights to parts of the system that you will not want your students to see. In order to configure this "kiosk" user, simply create a user.

In this example, the login will be nurses_kiosk.  

You will need to assign a role to this user with the nurses.visits.checkin location.

This location gives access for nurses_kiosk to use the Nurse → Visits → Check In screen.  This will also allows you to attach a turnstile event to that user.

Setup the Checkin

Once the event and user have been setup in Genesis, your last step is to tie them all together.  

This is done on the Nurses → Setup →  Student Checkin Setup screen.  

Once there, select the nurses_kiosk user  (or whatever login you created for this task) in the "Configure Checkin for this User" field.  

The list in the dropdown is made up all user with access to the nurses.visits.checkin location.  

Once you select the user, the screen will refresh with all the default options for the checkin.  

Now configure how you would like the checkin screen to function.  

For the "Turnstile Event for Nurse Check In", select the nurses event that you created above. 

Once you save the screen, the user is now tied to the checkin and setup has been completed.


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