Gradebook and Virtual Students

Modified on Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 12:42 PM

Virtual Students in Gradebook

Gradebook has added several indicators to identify which students are virtual on a given day.

Gradebook Gradebook Spreadsheet Screen

Rotation Group Indicator

On the Gradebook→Gradebook spreadsheet screen, there is a new "R" column between the "H" highlighters and the student ID column.  The "R" identifies which Rotation Group the students are assigned to.  Rotation Groups can be color-coded to help with rapid identification:

"Student is Virtual Today" indicator

If a student is virtual "today", a screen icon appears immediately to the left of their student id:

Click on the screen icon brings up the following message:

The icon of course only appears on days the student is schedule to be virtual for this class.

"Number of Virtual Students Today" Indicator

A "virtual students today" count and display control appears directly to the left of the "Active Students" label:

The count display ("11" above) is the number of students in the class who are virtual "today".  This always reflects the real date.

The is a control that allows you to select which students are displayed in the list:  Clicking the  icon brings up a control which allows you to select the students to include in the list:

There are three available options:


  • All students scheduled into the class
  • Only students who are "non-virtual" - students who are scheduled to be physically present "today".
  • Only virtual students - students who are scheduled to be virtual "today".

To change the display, select the desired option and click the "Update Display" button.

For example, showing only virtual students:

Note that only non-virtual students can also be displayed:

Change the display does not alter the "number of virtual students today" indicator: .

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