Contact Tracing

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Contact Tracing

The Contact Tracing screens in Genesis provide you with the ability to see all students and staff who have had contact with a student within a date range.  The tool will analyze a student's schedule, sports teams, bus rides and Turnstile check-ins for each day that was selected for the trace.  The results will also show you each of the contacts current vaccination status.  You can filter the results based on students vaccination status as well.

For each of the student's classes, you can print out a seating chart of the classroom in order to what students were closest to the student being traced.

This is found via Nurses>Contact Tracing.

Student Schedule

The student's schedule for each day of the contact trace is analyzed.  All students who are present in class that day are shown in the results.  Absent or Virtual students are excluded from the results because they were not in the building.  If a course is merged with another in the gradebook, the students from the merged course will also be included in the results.

Sports Teams

If a student is participating in a sport on one of the dates being traced, the players and coaches will be included in the results. 

Bus Assignment

If a student has bus assignments, all of the students in the same bus will also be included in the results.

Turnstile Checkins

The contact tracing will also look at the student's Turnstile Checkins for the days being traced.  All students who are in the same Turnstile Event between the student's arrival and departure time will be included in the results. 

Excel Output

The contact trace allows you to produce an excel file based on the results.  The file will contain all the information from the screen, plus each students contact information.  This provides you with an easy way to gather the contact information needed for notifications.

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