Next Year Scheduling Teams

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* Scheduling -> Setup -> Teams -> Manage Teams
 - Tools added to copy Teams to Next Year Assignments or to a student based on their previous year team.


Creating Teams

Teams are useful for a number of reasons but most importantly for ease in a number of scheduling situations.

In order to have use of the team concept, you must first create the list of team names that will be used.

To create a team:

  • Select the "Scheduling" tab.
  • Next choose the "Setup" subtab.
  • From the next set of tabs select the "Teams" tab.
  • Create your teams one at a time at the bottom. Entering a Code and Name for each. Remember that the Seq. represents the sequence that the new item will appear in your list of teams. The general suggestion is to number by tens (i.e. 10,20,30) so that if you wish to insert a new team name between two others, there will always be room.

Once the teams are created, you can then add students to the teams.

 Students can be assigned to a team individually or as a group.

Manually Assigning Teams:

To assign an individual to a team:

  • Select the "Student Data" tab and search for the individual student.
  • Click on the student ID number.
  • On the demographics screen, locate the "Scheduling Team" line in the right column and select the team from the drop down list of Team Names that you created above.
  • Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the SAVE button.

To assign a group of students to a team:

  • Create a list (in Genesis) of students that will be together on the team (see other documentation on the process of creating and editing lists.
  • Select the "Student Data" tab.
  • Next choose the "Mass Change" subtab.
  • This screen will have a number of STEPS to complete.
  • Step 1 - Choose the list you wish to work with from the drop down of lists available to you.
  • Step 2 - Select - - - Scheduling Team (2008-09) from the drop down box in the line labeled: Select a data field.
  • Once you have selected this another line will appear immediately beneath this asking you to Select team to assign student to: - from the drop down list, choose the team from the list of teams you created above.
  • If you have hand scheduled some individual, you may want to place a check the box in front of the statement - Apply to Students that do NOT have a value already. If this is a new assignment for all these students then leave the box with NO check.
  • Step 3 - Apply the changes - click the ACCEPT button.

Users can now use the Drop Down Box on the Student Data screen to search for students within a team, or individual who are involved in scheduling can now utilize these teams to assist in the scheduling process.

Managing Teams:

You may auto assign teams randomly or based on course requests from the Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Teams>Assign Teams tab.

To assign teams based on Course Requests, create your rules by hitting the "Add Team Assignment Parameter" button.

You may create as many rules as you like.

When ready, simply hit the "Use Team Assignment Parameters to Assign Students to Teams" button.

Before we assign the teams, you will be given the option whether or not to overwrite existing team data or to skip those students with a team already.

If you decide to assign Teams randomly, you will be given the option to select the Team or Teams you wish to use, and the corresponding grade levels as seen below.


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