Next Year Scheduling FAQ

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Question: I've been doing student scheduler runs, and I've got the highest percentage of scheduled students I think I can get.  How do I lock that in and give students actual schedules?

Answer: There is an Icon to the left of every schedule run on Next Year Scheduling>Mass Schedule>Student Scheduler. When you click this button a grey box will pop up and you will be presented with two drop downs. Click into the one named 'or perform task.'

You will be presented with the following 4 options:

  • Delete all schedules and then use schedules from this run - This is the option that the majority of users will want to use. This option will wipe the sections of any students scheduled into them and then create student schedules for students based on the scheduling run selected
  • Merge schedules from this run - This option will skip over students who have had their schedules manually done for them and then create student schedules for all those students who did not based on the scheduling run selected. Those who manually schedule some students prior to using the Student Scheduler and want to keep those schedule will want to use this option; ie: CST/Special Ed scheduling teams tend to do this
  • Restore Master Class Schedule from this run - This option will return the Master Schedule (this is your sections) back to what they were at the time of the scheduling run that you have selected. This is useful to fix mistakes or to go back to Master Schedule runs with better percentages
  • Delete all schedules FOR STUDENTS IN THIS RUN ONLY and then use schedules from this run - When loading schedules with this option, schedules for students who were not apart of the particular run will NOT be deleted. For example, if you ran the scheduler just for 9th grade students and loaded your schedules using this task, the schedules for 10th 11th and 12th graders would not be deleted.


Question: Does scheduling need to be completed prior to the rollover?

Answer: No. If you haven't locked in a schedule prior to performing the rollover with us, you would just need to roll the school year back, and continue working from the Next Year Scheduling tab. Then, once you've locked a schedule in and have given students schedules, you can work out of the current year and make manual tweaks from there.

Question: What's the difference between adding a course through Next Year Scheduling>Student Requests>Mass Update Requests and Next Year Scheduling>Mass Updates?

Answer: Use Next Year Scheduling>Student Requests>Mass Update Requests if you're still using the scheduler because, with this tool, you are just adding a course as a request to all students.  Use Next Year Scheduling>Mass Updates when you are assigning an actual course and section to a student's schedule. With Mass Updates, you'll need to specify a section number.

Question: Should I be using the Next Year Scheduling>Mass Schedule>Student Scheduler screen or the Next Year Scheduling>Mass Schedule>Master Class Builder to schedule my students?

Answer: To 'schedule students,' you'll be using the student scheduler. How your curriculum is designed is essentially a district decision -  but if you have run the processes to copy your curriculum information forward to next year via Next Year Scheduling>Process Control screen, you already have curriculum and sections in the system.  At that point, you can just add requests to your students, and you will be using the Student Scheduler.  If you are building your curriculum from scratch for the new school year, you may be looking to use the Next Year Scheduling>Mass Schedule>Master Class Builder screen first.

Question:  What do all the parameters mean on the Student Scheduler screen?

Answer: Take a look at this article.

Question: I enabled Teacher Recommendations, but teachers can not enter anything because students don't have a next year assignment. How do I do that?

Answer: You can assign next year info en masse via Student Data>Next School and Grade>Mass Assignments.  Be sure to verify your grade progression via Student Data>Next School and Grade>Grade Progression first. For example, make sure grade level 1 goes to grade 2, grade 2 goes to grade 3 etc. That's what the next year assignment update is based off.

Question: What is the Elem HR sync, and how would I use it?

Answer: Take a look at this article.

Question: Can I make sure 2 students never have a section together?

Answer: Now you can, via Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Restrictions.

Question:  What do the Next School and Next Course options in Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Curriculum do?

Answer:  That option is there so that you can mass assign a request based on the previous course. It is used with the "Mass Add Requests based on Next School / Course Code" option on the Next Year Scheduling>Student Requests>Mass Update Requests>Mass Add screen. This tool will create a request for each course that has a next school and next course code defined in the 2016-17 school curriculum. Requests will be created if the student has a next year assignment that matches the next school code.

Question:  Can I set up a phys ed course to connect to a health course for part of the year?

Answer: You can set this up via Next Year Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Course, using the "This Phys ED will drop 1 quarter for this course" options.

Question: Can I clear all students' schedule so I can start fresh and lock in a new scheduling run?

Answer: Yes - there is a "Purge All Schedules" button via Next Year Scheduling>Mass Schedule>Maintenance. Be sure you want to run that tool because it completely removes all schedules for that school.

Question: Can I unlock a Parent Request after they submitted with the Acknowledgement Lock through the portal?

Answer: Yes - you can clear it with the "Clear Acknowledgement" button via Student Data>Modify Student>Next Year Requests>Make Request. (It only appears if it was submitted for the student.)

Question: Can I LOCK next year requests for individual kids?

Answer: Yes - you can do this via Student Data>Modify Student>Next Year Requests>Current Requests. You would first check off the course(s) that should be locked by clicking the padlock next to those courses. Then you click the padlock showing at bottom next to trashcan to 'save' the locked courses.  To enable this option, you may need to navigate to Setup>Districts>Basic Params and check off "Allow Student Requests to be Locked." Locked requests cannot be dropped from any of the student next year request screens.


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