Next Year Scheduling Student Restrictions

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Student Restrictions are used to restrict and warn users of students who should not be scheduled together.

To create a student restrictions, navigate to the Next Year Scheduling > Setup > Restrictions > Student Restrictions.

To add a new restriction, you will simply need to enter two students who should not be scheduled together.

It does not matter in which order the students are entered and you do not need to create a reciprocal link between students.

A student may be listed any number of times.  Once for each student he should not be scheduled with.

Student Restriction Uses In Genesis

Mass Scheduler

In order to use restrictions in the Mass Scheduler you will simply need to check off the "Enforce Student Restrictions" (this will be checked off by default).  

When running with "Enforce Student Restrictions", the scheduler will NEVER schedule students in a Restriction together.

Keep in mind that too many restrictions can impact the results of scheduler by reducing its possible combinations.

Add Class / Replace Class

The Replace screen and Add screen (in current and next year scheduling) will WARN a user if attempting to schedule students in a Restriction together.

It will not prevent it from happening so long as the user acknowledges the confirmation of this action.

Scheduler and Scheduler Analyzer

Similarly to the Add and Replace screen, these screens will warn the user if attempting to schedule students in a Restriction together.

Manage Teams

The Manage Teams screen will show a notation on screen, students in a team who are part of a Restriction.  It does NOT prevent students from being placed on the same team.


In this tab, you may set up restrictions for certain classes that you never want scheduled in the same semester together. These restrictions are currently only honored in the Mass Scheduler.

You do this via Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Restrictions>Course Restrictions:

Click "Add Course Restriction" and you will get a pop up. Please enter the 2 courses that should not be scheduled together in the same semester:

After you click "Add Restriction," you will see them listed:

You can then trash can it, if needed.

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