Course Prerequisites

Modified on Fri, May 5, 2023 at 2:23 PM

The prerequisites screen (Next Year Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Curriculum>Prerequisites) allows you to enforce pre requisites on a course that is being selected by parents in the Parent Module Course Selection screens.

To add a course as a prerequisite, you may search for any course within your curriculum then add the selected course as a prerequisite.

Once you have selected and added courses as prerequisites, you may configure them by placing them in Sets, and setting the number of courses in each set that must have been passed (or currently being taken).

In the example above for Course 10275, the configuration states that a student must have passed, or currently be enrolled in, at least 1 of the courses in "SET 0" and also must have passed or be currently enrolled in at least 1 course in "SET 1".

Additional Options

  • A Teacher Recommendation is required to request this course - Requires that a teacher has recommended this course in order to meet the prerequisite criteria.
  • Either a Teacher Recommendation OR course requirement below - Requires EITHER a teacher recommendation OR the enrollment in, or passing of the prerequisite courses.
  • If a Student/Parent is requesting a course marked below as a per-requisite course, this satisfies requirement that pre-req course has been completed - In addition to being enrolled in, or passing a required course.  The requesting of the required course will also satisfy its completion criteria.
  • Minimum Grade - Rather than simply passing a course, the student must have earned this minimum grade in order to satisfy the course requirement.
  • Meets Req if Scheduled - Requirement is met if student is currently scheduled into this course regardless of current grade
  • Use S1 if no FG - If student is currently scheduled into this course and has an S1 grade meeting 'Minimum Grade' (or passing grade if no 'Minimum Grade' entered) then requirements are considered met.
  • GPA greater than or equal to field - This option will only work if a GPA code is also selected. If a student does not have a valid GPA for the selected code, they will not be able to request that course
  • Must be an IEP Student to request this course - Only students who have an active IEP can request this course if this option is selected.
  • Must be an ELL Student to request this course - If this option is selected, only students who have an active ELL can request this course.
  • A counselor request is required to request this course

     Summer schools now appear in course search section

If the student does not meet this qualification, the course will not be selectable by parents from the Course Request screen on Parents Module.  This will NOT affect a counselors ability to request the course.



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