The Course Section Search Screen

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The Search / List Sections Screen

You can search/review/modify course sections via Scheduling>Sections.

Search Criteria

Search Option

Description / Notes

Course Code

Course Code for the Course.  Defined when the course was created.  See the entry for the Course on the Scheduling > Curriculum > School Curriculum > Course List screen.


Section number.  Allows you to look up specific sections of a course.


Number of credits the course is worth.  Options for the search are:  =, >, >=, <=, < followed by the number of credits.


List of academic departments.


List of Semester Codes.  You can select any collection of Semester Codes. Only the ones being used by the school are shown (current year). In Next Year Scheduling, ALL semester codes are available in the search

Desc (Description)

Course Description.  This is a text field.  This is the "regular" Course Description appearing in the Course Description field on the Modify Course screen: Scheduling > Curriculum > Modify Course

Scheduling Description

Search for sections based on the Scheduling Description field on the section

Transcript Description

Search for a section with a specific Transcript Description set

Elementary HR

This identifies course sections tied to a specific Elementary Homeroom.  This is exclusively used for elementary school scheduling.

Student ID

A student's ID.  This will find all sections (that match other criteria) this student is currently scheduled in.

Configuration Flags

Allows you to search on specific 'flags' associated with the course in curriculum. For example, "AP Course" "Honors Course" etc.


Search sections of all courses that have this subject set as the Primary Subject (used in credit requirements for graduation)

Core Subject

Search sections of all courses that have this subject set as the Core Subject (used with standards-based report cards)


Select sections linked to a specific scheduling Team.  Teams are defined on the Scheduling > Setup > Teams screen.

Graded in

MP1, MP2, ME, S1, MP3, MP4, FE, FG, IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4 - One check will appear for each entry in the list of Grade Collections on the Grading > Setup > Collections screen.   This is not a fixed set but will reflect how the school's grading system is configured.


Search for sections taught by a specific teacher. NOTE: Only Active staff members or Inactive staff members scheduled into at least one class will appear in this list.

Historic Teacher

Search for sections with a specific teacher listed as the Historic Teacher. NOTE: Only Active staff members or Inactive staff members who were inactivated within the last two school years will appear in this list.


Search for sections meeting in specific periods.  More than one period can be searched for by using the select periods tool


Search for sections meeting in a specific room.  Rooms are defined on the Scheduling > Setup > Rooms screens.

Room Groups

Search for sections meeting in any room in a selected group of rooms.  "Room Groups" care defined on the Scheduling > Setup > Rooms > Groups screen and rooms are placed in one or more Room Group via checkboxes on the Scheduling > Setup > Rooms > Modify Room screen


Assigned - number of students assigned to the section.

Beginning - number of total overall seats assigned to the section.

Available - number of seats remaining available (This equals the beginning seats minus assigned seats).

Override - number of "override seats" allowed.  

Course Status

Search for courses by course status:  Active, Inactive or "All", which is the default. 

Include courses with no sections

This lists courses for which there are no sections.  You will be able to create new sections if desired.


List schedule days the sections must meet.  This is a text field. It accepts a comma separated list of schedule days (ex: A,B,C,D)


This will be a list of checkboxes for the grade levels meeting in the school

Show Subsection Semesters

The Sem column will indicate each semester if the section does not meet full year. For example, a 3-quarter Phys. Ed. section would display as Q1,Q2,Q3 instead of FY

Course Grading

All Courses, Only Graded Courses, or Only Non-Graded Courses

Indicate Matching Sections

Displays an icon next to all sections that meet at the same time and place as another section. Used to identify inclusion sections or incorrections.


You can enter an Expression Language expression that must result in a true or false value when applied to a Section.  Only Sections for which the Expression results in a value of true will be displayed.


The Results View Option

The list displayed on this screen has multiple formats.  This selects one of the available view formats:


Scheduling - This 'default' view is used most often for listing the sections with their scheduling information:


Grading - This view indicates in which "Grading Collections" is each section going to be graded. The checkboxes can also be updated from this view:


Descriptions - The Descriptions view lists the Team association, Schedule and Transcript fields.  The fields can also be directly updated from here:

Rotation Groups - The Rotation Groups view showing Rotation Group totals for each section:



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