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The Staff Fills page allows you to mass create 'teacher assignments' in the master class file.  Sections will be automatically created for each period that a staff member has the course.  So if a staff member is assigned the course in Period 2, the first thing the Staff Fill will do is look for a section meeting Period 2.  

If one is found, then the fill will use that section. If one is not found, then a new section is created for the course. After a section is created or found, the Staff Fill will then look for a subsection for that teacher in the section.

If found, the subsection will be updated with the meeting day that was selected.  If a subsection is not found, then it is created with the meeting days that have been selected on the Staff Fill screen.

The first step is to select a course that you will be assigning staff to.  The course dropdown is only populated by courses that do not have students scheduled into them.  Once a course is selected, you can search for staff you wish to assign.   You may narrow the list of teachers returned based on staff name, department or by staff list.  You may also filter these results by defining teacher availability based on period and day.

After hitting Search, you will see the staff that qualified based on your filters.  In the screen shot below, we see a list of returned teachers and their current schedule.  Available periods are shown in green with a checkbox and the word 'Available'.


If we wanted to assign all of these teachers into a Teacher Prep in one shot we would do the following.

  • Select the course we wish to assign the teachers to in the drop down box under the search button

  •   Check off the Period and day(s) you wish to have the teacher assigned to the course. As seen below we have set teacher Abernathy to be assigned our course during period 2 on A, B and D days, and in period 4 on C  days.  Teacher Abrams during period 1 on C and D days

  • Lastly, we hit the 'Assign Course to Checked Staff' button and our assignments will be made.


Now looking at teacher Abernathy's courses, we can see he has been assigned to our course TPREP01 on the days selected. 


Staff will be assigned to existing sections if they exist,  If no section exist then a new section will be created.

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