Current Year Scheduling FAQ

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Question: Why does this teacher not appear in this dropdown?

A:  In Staff>Staff, pull up the staff member. On the Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics screen, make sure the teacher’s name is listed in the “Full Name” field and “teacher” is checked off at the bottom of the screen.

On Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools, make sure a school is assigned to the staff member.

If you are a sysadmin and you are wondering why staff members do not display for you in Gradebook etc, they need to be assigned to your logon via Setup>Security>Users>Modify User in the “Teachers Assigned” area.

If the teacher does not see their name, a sysadmin needs to pull the staff member up in Setup>Security>Users>Modify User and assign that staff ID to their logon ID in the “Teachers Assigned” area.

Question: A teacher went on leave.  How do I give a new teacher access to their Gradebook? How can I keep a record of the teacher who has left?

A: The gradebook exists independent of the teacher assigned to it. To change the teacher, you need to go to Scheduling>Sections and pull up the section in question by clicking into the section number. 

Once you're there, swap out the teacher's name in the “Teacher” dropdown on the Subsection itself and click "Save Changes" when done.

To add a historic teacher, click “Add Historic Teacher.”  A pop up will appear for you to select the teacher and the dates they taught.  

Once you’ve entered the info, click “save historic teacher."

NOTE: Only Active staff members or Inactive staff members who were inactivated within the last two school years will appear in this list.

Question: Why aren't any sections coming up when I search on Next Year/Scheduling→Sections?

A: Check if you have "Include courses with no sections" and/or "Show Only Graded Courses" checked/unchecked. If you have just added a new course in Scheduling>Curriculum, you will need to check off that option to find it. Alternately, make sure you have nothing entered into the other fields before searching.

Question: Why does a user see different information when searching on Scheduling→Sections?

A: Change the selection in the "View" dropdown. Options are: Grading, Scheduling, and Description.

Question: Some courses do not appear on the Parent Portal.  Why?

A: Go to Scheduling>Curriculum - search for the course. Click on the Course ID to modify the course. There are 2 checkboxes in the "Configuration Flags" area: "Display in Parents: Grading and Schedule" and "Display in Parents as Gradebook" - check off the ones that you want checked.

There is a "Mass check 'Display in Parents as Gradebook' and 'Display in Parents: Grading and Schedule'" tool you can run to update this en masse via Scheduling>Curriculum>Tools.

Question: How do I get both teachers to pull to the report card if they're both listed on Scheduling->Sections->Modify Section?

A:You'll have to check off "(Override) Always show Teacher when Printing:" for both teachers.

Question: I swapped a student's section using the Replace Course tab in Student Data→Modify Student→ Current Year Schedule. Will the posted marking period grades move?  Will the gradebook assignment grades move to the new gradebook?

A: Possibly.  Please take a look at the "Miscellaneous" section in our Gradebook FAQ for a detailed explanation.

Question: I added a new course. How do I set it up? What are all these options?

A: This is up to the district. If possible, refer to your grading policy on Grading>Setup>Policy. We have a wiki here on the Curriculum Course screen which may help explain the options a bit.

Question: The assigned and the available seat counts are not matching/are not correct on my course sections. Why?

A: Run the "Update seat counts for all course sections" tool on the Scheduling>Curriculum>Tools screen. That should resolve this.

Question: We performed the rollover, but now there are no sections or curriculum in Scheduling.  And no students have schedules. Why?

A: Every district does scheduling differently.  

It's a district/school decision as to how you will get schedules out to your students.

Below are a few scenarios for you to review, to assist you with this.  

  • Does your school utilize our Elementary Grading module?  If so, do you create your curriculum using the "Schedule Creation" tool found on the ElemGrading>Schedule screen?  If so, there will be no curriculum, sections, or schedules until you set up your ElemGrading subjects and your homerooms and run that tool. If not, skip this.
  • Does your school hand schedule student using Student Lists?  If so, you most likely just need to copy your curriculum forward from the previous year via Next Year Scheduling>Process Control.  The first 2 tasks copy curriculum and sections forward to the current year.  Then, change the year up top back to the current year, and sections will be there.  From there, you can assign students to schedules via Scheduling>Mass Updates>Mass Add etc.
  • Does your school use our Elem HR Sync tools?  If so, you most likely just need to copy your curriculum forward from the previous year via Next Year Scheduling>Process Control.  The first 2 tasks copy curriculum and sections forward to the current year.  Then, change the year up top back to the current year, and sections will be there.  From there, you can then go to Scheduling>Mass Updates>Elem HR Sync
  • Does your district schedule students using the Student Scheduler in Next Year Scheduling>Mass Schedule>Student Scheduler?  If so, you can continue working from the previous year in the Next Year Scheduling tabs.  Once you have a scheduling run that looks good, you can lock in the run and that will create the next year schedules for students.  If you've rolled over, they will then appear in Scheduling and Student Data>Modify Student>Current Year Schedule etc.  Once you've locked a schedule in, you can then just make manual changes from the current year in the Scheduling tabs.

Question: We have a value filled in in the Scheduling Description field - but the Course Description still pulls to Student Schedules.  How do we get it to pull the Scheduling Description?

A: Go to Setup>Schools>Click on your School>Scheduling and make sure "Use Subsection Descriptions" is checked off.

Question: How do I add a new course section to a student?

A: If you're working in the current school year, you can add a course section to an individual student from the Student Data>Modify Student>Current Year Schedule>Add Course tab.

If you're working in the current school year, and you need to add a student list of students to a course section, you can do this from Scheduling>Mass Updates>Mass Add.

Question: How do I add a new Course Code to the system?

(For adding a new course code in the Current year)

To add a new course code for the current school year, go to the Scheduling>Curriculum, and click "Add Course."

You will get a pop up.

You will need to, at a minimum, enter a course code and a course description. The course code cannot be modified after the fact, but the description can.

To populate info in the "Copy values from" dropdown, you will first need to perform a search on the Scheduling>Curriculum screen.

Those results will then appear in the "Copy values from" dropdowns, so you can copy info from an existing course.

Click "Add Course" when you are done, and you will be brought to the Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify screen.

Fill in all the relevant info that you need.

At a minimum, make sure the course is checked off to be "Active" if you are trying to add a new section to it.

Question: How do I add a new SECTION to a new Course Code?

(For adding a new course code in the Current year)

After you have finished adding in a new course code, you may go to Scheduling>Sections.

On this screen, make sure you check off "Include courses with no sections" before searching for your new course code.  That is the only way it will appear, and it is the most common issue districts have at this point.

Check off "Include courses with no sections" on Scheduling>Sections, click "Search," and then you should see the new course code in red.

You can then create new sections for the course code.

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