Student Holding - Step 2 in the Reunification

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What Happens During Student Holding?

  • When a student's status is changed to "Approved for Release" (corresponding to "Student Holding"): 
    • The student or students are sent to or have arrived at the "Pre-Release Location".    Staff members at the "Pre-Release" location should also be monitoring the Student Holding screen and can update the students' status via that screen.
    • The parent or guardian is sent to the "Release/Hand-off Location".   This means that district personnel have verified that the parent or guardian has a right to pick up the student or students.
  • Students can also be marked as "Receiving Medical Attention" or "Location Unknown".
  • When students arrive at the "Release Location" their status can be changed via the "Send to Checkout" button - once this is clicked they appear on the Student Release screen.

Who Watches the Student Holding Screen

The Student Holding screen (Reunification→Student Holding) is used by multiple personnel for several reasons:

  • Staff members managing a Holding Area use the Student Holding screen to see which students have been "Approved for Release" and to update student status.
  • Staff members in "Pre-Release" locations use the Student Holding screen to "Send student to Check Out".
  • Staff members in the Release/Hand-Off areas use the Student Holding screen to view student status and communicate it to parents/guardians.

The Student Holding Screen

This screen auto-updates every 30 seconds.   It lists all students who are "Approved for Release", that is, who have a parent/guardian waiting for them in the Release/Hand-Off area.

The screen allows student status to be updated and for students to be "sent to checkout".

Sending Students to Check-Out

When students are available to be released - when they've reached the pre-release area - students can be 'sent to Checkout' by clicking their  button:

Clicking causes the student's record to appear on the Student Release screen.

When  is clicked, a confirmation dialog is displayed:

Once OK is clicked, the student is removed from being displayed by default on the Student Holding screen and now appears by default on the Release Students screen.

Identifying Missing Students and Students in Medical Treatment

When a student is not present in the Student Holding Area, and a staff member knows that the student's location truly is not know or that the student is truly receiving medical attention can update the student's status to either of those situations:

The two flags are:

Checking either checkbox turns on the corresponding indicator for the student.

Sending Students to Check-Out


Identifying Missing Students and Students in Medical Treatment

When the whereabouts of a student are unknown a "" indicator appears (that is, when the "Location Unknown" checkbox is checked).  Similarly, if a student is known to be receiving medical attention and the "Receiving Medical Attention" checkbox is checked a "" indicator appears.

These can be turned on / off at will by checking and unchecking the corresponding checkboxes.

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