Parent Check-In - Step 1 in Reunification

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What Happens During Parent Check-In?

  • During "parent check-in", an individual - a parent / guardian or other individual attempting to pickup one or more students - presents themselves at the check-in location.
  • When district personnel have verified that a student or students should be released to the individual, they: 
    • Go to the Reunification→Parent Check-In screen in Genesis
    • Search for and locate the students who will be released, and select the person who has arrived to pick up the student or students.
    • Update the student's status to indicate they have now been "approved for release".
  • The selected students are then physically sent to a 'holding location' in preparation for actual release. 
    • In the system, the students can now be found on the Student Holding screen.
  • The parent / guardian may be sent to the "Release Location" where the student(s) will be released, if that differs from the Check-In location.

The Parent Check-In Screen

The Parent Check In screen is a search screen:

There are four options:

  • Waiting for Pickup - This searches for all students in the Student Holding Area.  Students who have previously been "Approved for Release" or "Released" are not included in the search.   This is the default, standard operation of this screen.
  • Approved for Release - This searches only for students who are currently 'approved for release' but have not been released.  These students should also all appear by default on the Student Holding screen.
  • Released - This searches only for students who have been released to an adult who has 'signed off' for them.
  • All Students - This searches for all students involved in the "event", regardless of current status.


Searching for Students

If an option is selected and there are no students with that status, a "No results found" message is immediately displayed:

This simply means there are no students for that option at the moment.

Case does not matter for the search text and all students where the Lastname, Firstname pair matches the search criteria will be listed:

Enter the text and click Return.  There is no "Search" button.

Selecting a Student

To select a student, click on the student's green  button.  This brings up the "Student Being Picked Up" dialog.

This dialog has three parts:

    1. The student's own information is at top left, with the student's picture.
    2. On top right is a list of all of the student's siblings:
       Siblings who have no custody issues can be selected with the initial student.  Siblings with custody issues must be selected individually - they cannot be selected here and are displayed with a red background.

The bottom area of the screen is where the parent/guardian who is picking up the student is identified.  This is a list of all contacts who can pick up the selected student(s):


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