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Posting a Note

A free form text note can be posted to the student record on the Student Data>Modify Student>Notes tab. Each time a user posts a note for a student, the user will have to select which staff id that they want tied to that note. For instance, if a user has 4 different staff members tied to their user account, a drop down will appear next to the notes text field.

Who can see the notes?

The purpose of having this staff id tied to the note is to define what other users can look at the student's note. By default, users who want to view the student notes can only do so if:

  • The user is a sysadmin. If so, they can view all notes.
  • The user has the securable location studentdata.modifystudent.notes.administrator tied to one of their roles for their account. If so, they can view all notes.
  • The user has the staff id which is stamped to the note as one of the staff members tied to their user account. They will be able to view all notes created by that staff member.

Why is the Staff Type listed next to the note?

In addition to the default security for viewing notes, Genesis also provides you with a way that permits staff members of selected types (defined on the Staff.Staff.ModifyStaff screen) to share the student notes. These permissions can be set up on the Setup>Schools>Note Permissions screen. See Note Permissions article for more information.

If Note Permissions are setup in your school, then one additional option is opened on the note.  The notes screen will allow your users to make a note private.  This means that only sysadmin users, users with the studentdata.modifystudent.notes.administrator securable location or users attached the the staff member may view the note.  The permissions that are setup for the school will be ignored.  An example would be teachers have rights to see counselor notes.  Teachers would be able to see all counselor notes unless the note is marked as private.  If it is private, then only users with one of the above criteria will be able to view the note.

Where are the notes stored in the Database?

The notes are stored in the StudentNote object (Report Writer) which is the STUDENT_NOTES tables in the database.

Categorizing Student Notes

Student Notes can be placed in categories.  Categories are not built-in by Genesis but must be added/created at the local level by editing the STUDENT_NOTES_CATEGORIES Codes table, found on the Setup>Codes screen.  The  STUDENT_NOTES_CATEGORIES Codes table is initially empty: to categorize Student Notes you must add category names to this table.

For the Note Permissions article, click here.



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