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The Student Information Bar appears on every screen inside of a student's record, as well as the student screens inside of Gradebook. It's purpose is to give you a quick summary of a student's information without changing screens.

*the course section will display when you hover over the room information.

Today's Attendance and Current Location

You will notice that the information bar contains the student's Daily Attendance record for the current day. If a student does not have an attendance record for the current day, the student is assumed to be withdrawn. If a student is in school and the information bar says withdrawn, this usually means that the student's attendance just needs to be reconciled. An easy way to fix this is to go to the Calendar>Setup screen and run the function Reconcile Attendance Records for the school that is affected.

If your school is setup properly, the student's current location is listed next to this. This text will include the room, teacher and course description. In order for Genesis to figure out a student's location, it needs to know the student's schedule, what period it is for the current day, and the current marking period.

Helpful Hints

If a student's current location is not appearing, check out these potential problems:

  • Make sure the student has a current year schedule. If the student does not have a schedule, then Genesis doesn't know where to find him.
  • Genesis needs to the current semester in order to know where a student is. Make sure that today's date falls during a semester on the Attendance Cycles screen.
  • The school's calendar needs to be filled in with cycle days. If there is not a cycle day defined for today, then Genesis cannot find the location.
  • Today is not a school day.
  • If you are using bell schedules, make sure that the alternate field is NOT filled in if you are not using them.

Icons and User Flags

Genesis has a standard set of icons it uses in the Information Bar:

Icon Type

Appears when...

Medical Condition

Student has a Medical Conditions listed on the student's Medical.Health Record screen.


Student has an active IEP AND the "Show IEP Icon" is set to Yes on the student's modify IEP screen.
This icon will display only if the user has a role that contains inquiry rights for studentdata.show_iep_icon


If the field "Show 504 Icon" on the student's Demographic.Categories screen is set to Yes.


If the field "Custody Issues" on the student's Demographic.Family screen is set to Yes.


If a student has an Open fine.

Parent Access

If there is a Parent Account who has access to this student. The mouse over tells you the last log on for that account.

Genesis also allows icons to be displayed for User Flags that are checked. The user flags have to be checked, and they have to be setup with an icon in order for them to appear.

User Flags can be configured to have icons on the Setup>District>Master District Params>User Flags screen.

Other Fields




This is the Home phone number from the student's Legal Residence.

Case Manager (CM)

This field gives you the initials of the Case Manager listed on the student's active IEP. Place your mouse over the initials to get the full name of the case manager.


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