Editing Codes Tables

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Editing Codes Tables

What is a "Codes Table"

A "Codes Table" is one of a set of built-in and district-created tables located on the Setup>Codes screen.

A "Codes Table" consists of a set of records that link a unique code with its description, in a district-controllable order:


Each record in a Codes Table consists of:

  • Code - A "string" of uppercase letters and numbers that uniquely identifies this entry in the Codes Table.   The Code must start with a letter and cannot contain spaces or special characters.  Codes are not displayed to end users but are used internally within Genesis.
  • Description - The user-friendly description that corresponds to the Code.  The Description is what is shown to end users.
  • Sequence - An integer number.  Codes are always sorted by their Sequence numbers and displayed in sequence-number order.
  • Active - If checked, the code is currently included in the usable set available in the system.  If not checked, the code is not made available to be selected by users.  It can be retained for historical reasons.
  • SIF Code - No longer in use.  Ignore.


Adding a New Code to a Codes Table

To add a new Code:

  1. Click the button. This brings up the "Add Code" dialog:
  2. All fields in the dialog are required: 
    1. Enter a unique Code (unique within the current table) in the "Code" field:  it must start with a letter and contain only letters, numbers and underlines.
    2. Enter a Description
    3. Accept the provided Sequence number or select your own.  This must be an integer and is used to sort the Codes.  The "next" sequence number is always provided as the default.
    4. Click  to finish and add the code.


Edit an Existing Code

To modify an existing code, locate it in the Codes table:

You can update the Description, the Sequence # or the "Active" checkbox.  The unique Code cannot be edited:  to change it you will need to delete the Code and re-add it.

Once you have made the desired changes, click the  button at the bottom of the list of rows.  You may need to scroll down to find this button. 


Deleting Codes

To delete a Code, either click the Delete button at the right side of the individual Code's row:

To mass delete Codes, check the checkboxes for the codes you wish to remove, then click the trashcan icon at the bottom of the list:

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