Setting Student Data via Parent Forms

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Setting Student Data via Parent Forms

ADVISORY:   Auto-Populating Fields with Student Data

All question types that can populate student data directly contain an "Auto-populate with Student data" checkbox (see below). When this checkbox is checked, the form is pre-populated with the data that is currently stored in the student's record. If the form is then submitted/finalized without being updated, the data in the student's record is preserved (i.e. restored as is).

When this checkbox is unchecked, the form is NOT pre-populated with the data currently in the student's record.  It is then possible to blow away that existing data if the form is submitted/finalized without being updated. 

Empty fields still count as data. We recommend that you always check this checkbox.

Setting User Flags

There are two ways to check/uncheck User Flags using Parent Forms:

  1. Checkboxes - A User Flag can be updated directly from form fields with response type "Checkbox".
  2. Custom Drop Down Lists - Multiple User Flags can be updated in a single question if the response type is Custom Drop Down List.

Checkbox Mechanism

Checkboxes always update the attached User Flag, (if one is attached).   If the checkbox is unchecked, the User Flag is set to false.  If the checkbox is checked, the attached User Flag is set to true.

Checkboxes cannot be "Required" because no matter what the parent/guardian (or student) does, the attached User Flag is updated (set either to true or false).

Custom Drop Down List Mechanism


Setting User Text Fields

There are two types of User Text fields, and the type of User Text field you are trying to set determines the ways in which they can be set:

  • Simple text fields of 255 characters.
  • Custom Drop Down Lists with up to 40 options.  E.g.:

Type 1:  User Text Fields that accept Text (Standard User Text Fields)

These are 'plain old' User Text fields that can accept 255 characters and are not linked to a list of options.

These "text" User Text fields can be set with two different kinds of "responses":

  1. Text - Fields that users answer with a simple line of text.  These can - conveniently - accept up to 255 characters.
  2. Custom Drop Down Lists - The selected value from a custom drop down list can also be used to set a "text" User Text field.

The Simple Text Response Type


Custom Drop Down List Mechanism

Type 2:  User Text Fields defined as Drop Down Lists

These can only be set with the simple "Text" response type:

When a User Text field that is configured as a drop down list of options is attached to a simple Text response type, the resulting field is converted to the drop down list of options tied to the User Text field.   

The user (parent/guardian/student) selects from a drop down list.   The "Field Size" and "Maximum Characters Allowed" parameters are ignored when the attached User Text field is configured as a list.

Setting Medical Conditions

Medical Fields

  • Medical Conditions

Setting Other Specific Student Data Fields

Health Related Fields 

    • Health Insurance Provider
    • Has Health Insurance
    • Report to NJ Family Care

Military Related Fields 

    • Military Connected Indicator
    • Military Affiliation
    • Military Exclusion

Athletic Forms

The Athletic Form response types display two items for each:  a date and a checkbox.  The parent / student is essentially acknowledging that the form has been submitted. 

    • Steroid Form
    • Concussion Form
    • Cardiac Form


    • Sports Participation
    • Fall Sports Participation
    • Winter Sports Participation
    • Spring Sports Participation


    • Home Language
    • Primary Language


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