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Do the athletic forms roll over?

Sports, Physicals, and Athletic Release Form records for students do not roll over, but they do have a school year on them. Because of this, you can add a 19-20 record while still in 18-19, and it will remain that way after rollover. There is a copy tool however, that will copy all Athletic Release Form DEFINITIONS ahead to the NEXT school year. This is found on the Athletics > Setup > Athletic Release Forms screen and is used when setting up a parent/student portal form to collect Fall sports participation forms for NEXT school year. There is also a tool to copy sports into NEXT year for this same purpose, located on the Athletics > Setup > Sports screen. 

What are our options when creating a FORM to gather Athletics/Sports information from students? What info can we gather?

On the Modify Question tab when working on a Parent Access Form, you have the following options in the "Response Type" dropdown:


    • Steroid Form
    • Concussion Form
    • Cardiac Form
    • Opioid Form
    • Opioid Video
    • District Sports Eligibility


    • Sports Participation
    • Fall Sports Participation
    • Winter Sports Participation
    • Spring Sports Participation
    • Next Year Fall Sports Participation


Can We See a Preview of What a Sports Form Might Look Like?

Click here to see screenshots from our DEMO for a Spring Sports Participation Form 

How do we calculate sports eligibility for all students?

You can do this from Grading>Sports Eligibility.

If needed, you can also calculation (or view an AUDIT) for an individual student via Student Data>Modify Student>Athletics>Sports Eligibility.

How do we set up Credits required for Sports Eligibility?

You can do this from Grading>Sports Eligibility.

Are there any built-in Athletic reports for districts to run?

We have the following reports:

  • 100050 - Sports Interest Report
  • 21268 -  Sports Participation Status
  • 43400 - Sports Eligibility Report

How do we set up COACHES in the system?

On the Athletics>Rosters>Manage Coaches screen, you can select the Sport and/or Season in the "Select Sport or Season" dropdown, and click "Add" to select a staff to tie to a sport.

Can we display any Athletic data in the parent portal?

Yes. We added a new Athletic Eligibility screen which shows parents the eligibility for a student.

To enable this for parent users in the portal, you should navigate to the parent role via Parent Access>Setup>Roles, modify the role, and then check off "Athletic Eligibility." That will grant parent users access to that tab in the portal.

The screen displays all criteria checked off for participation on the Athletics>Setup>Eligibility Setup screen.

All seasons that a student has sport in will be shown along with their eligibility status.

Does Genesis automatically set the status to expired for Sports Physicals and Athletics Release Forms? 

Yes! A nightly maintenance will update the 'Status' fields under the Physical Exams & Forms portion of this screen. The system is using the district's configuration via Athletics > Setup > Athletic Release Forms to determine if any of the athletics forms are past their expiration date. Forms that are set as "Valid For School Year" on this screen will expire on July 1st following the school year of the student's athletic release form. The two "opioid" releases are always set as "Valid for school year". Forms that are set to a specific # of months will expire based on the Status Date of the Athletic Release instead. Student Sports Physicals will expire 365 days after the status date. 

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