Student Athletic Status Records

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The Athletic Status screen (Student Data>Student>Medical>Athletic Status) allows nurses to add records indicating that a student's status to participate in sports or in PE has been restricted.

When there is no record on this screen, or all records have expired (i.e. passed their end date), the student is cleared to participate:

Adding Athletic Status

When the "Add Record" button is pushed a popup is displayed where the nurse can enter an Athletic Status record:

A Start Date is required, but an End Date is not.  A Reason code must be selected, and a Comment is optional.

The Reason codes are located in the ATHLETIC_PARTIC_REASONS codes table in Setup>Codes. This table must contain at least one entry before an “Athletic Status” record can be created.

If an End Date is provided, the student’s status will revert to “able to participate” on the day following the selected end date.

For example, if an end date of May 24, 2016 is selected, the first day the student can participate is May 25, 2016.

Once a record has been created on this screen, the student's Athletic participation Status is restricted:


Viewing Athletic Status from Student Athletics Screen

The student’s Athletic Status has been added to their Athletics screen as a banner directly below the Student Information Bar:

The “Sport Participation” status indicator indicates if a student can participate or not:




The ATHLETIC_PARTIC_REASONS Codes Table is initially empty:  It must be set up for each district.  It must have at least one entry for the "Athletic Status" function to work.  

To add (or remove) codes from the ATHLETIC_PARTIC_REASONS table, go to the Setup->Codes screen and edit it just like any other Codes table.

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