Nurse Personal Preferences

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Nurses Personal Preferences

A great deal of the operation of the Nurses module is configurable.  

The Nurses>Setup>User Preferences screen gives each nurse direct control over how certain things work when she personally is logged in as the nurse.

The first item on the list "Default Nurse for the Visits Screen" each nurse must set, all of the other parameters are not required to be updated.




Default Nurse for the Visits Screen

All nurses in the system

Defines who you are to the system. Will insert the selected nurse when creating a new nurse visits.

Default value for "Include as Needed Meds" on the Medications screen

No, Yes, Only As Needed

Controls whether the standard search on the Nurse Visits screen excludes As Needed Medications ("No"), includes As Needed Medications ("Yes") or only shows the As Needed Medications.

Default screen when you click on the Nurses module

Visits, Search Students, Medications

When you click on the "Nurses" top tab, which screen automatically comes up? The Nurse Visits>Search Visits screen, the Nurse>Medications>Daily Medications screen, or the Nurses>Student List>Search Students screen. Your choice.

Allow Time Released to be automatically filled in with current time if a Visit is given a Disposition
 For students with medical alerts


When you are on the Visits Details screen, and you select a "Disposition", if this parameter is set to Yes the current time is inserted into the Time Released field as the time the student left the nurses office. If No is selected, no time is filled in - the Time Released field is left blank and you must fill in it manually. If you fill in Disposition when the student leaves, set this to Yes. If you come back later and set the disposition, set this to No. It is designed to match how you generally operate.

For students with medical alerts

Show popup on Visit Details screen/Do Not show popup on Visit Details screen.

This parameter controls the popup that appears when you enter the Visit Details screen. If it set to "Show", the popup appears. If it is set to "Do Not Show", the popup does not appear. Some nurses want the popup every time they enter that screen and some nurses find it annoying: you can control the behavior of the system.

On Visits search screen, default the "Visit Status' field to

Open/Closed/All Visits

This controls the automatic search that is done on the Nurses->Visit->Search Visits screen. The usual behavior - and how the system is initially configured - with with this parameter set to "Open". The Visit Search screen can show only Open visits (visits that do not have a Disposition set), only Closed visits (visits that do have a Disposition set), or All Visits (all visits for the selected date). You can always change the "Visit Status" when you are on the Search Visits screen - this only controls the initial behavior of that screen when you first bring it up during a session.

Use Default Nurse for Student Checkin

All nurses in the system

Checkin Screen Text

This is a text field - you can enter anything.

Show On Screen Keyboard in Student Check In


On the Nurse>Visits>Student Check-In screen, this parameter controls whether or not an on screen keyboard is shown. Only display the keyboard if the screen is a touch screen - otherwise it is rather meaningless.

Only search on Student IDs (Names are not searched): 


If students are checking in to the Nurses office with barcoded student id cards, set this to Yes. If the nurse or students are typing in their name, set this to No. This parameter controls whether the Student Check-In screen interprets what is typed in exclusively as student ids, or whether it tries to also interpret it as a student's name.

Disable confirm reason code popup:


When the Student Check-In screen is used, a list of reasons is displayed when a student checks in (or is checked in by the Nurse). After a reason is selected, a "Confirm" popup can be displayed. This parameter controls whether or not to display the "Confirm reason code" popup. Set this to Yes to always display the Confirm Reason Code popup; set it to No to never display the popup.

Turnstile Event for Nurse Check In

The list of all Turnstile Events in the system.

This parameter allows you to configure linkage between Turnstile and nurse visit check-in and check-out actions. To enable Turnstile, make sure a "Nurse" Event is selected in this drop down. You will need to ask your system administrator which "Events" are Nurse Events (there are no predefined Turnstile Events - all Events are created locally in your district.

Turnstile Event for Nurse Visits (Applies to Student Check Ins & Visit Creation)

Nurse Check In

By selecting an event for user , a Turnstile checkin record will be created for a student when they check into the nurses office using the Student Check In OR when this user creates a nurse visit for a student. A student is checked out of the Turnstile record when the student checks out using the Student Check In OR when the visit is closed by this user.

Reason Codes to display for Checkin:

Click the "Edit Reasons" button to see a list of all available reason codes.

You can control which of the Reason Codes are displayed on the Student Check-In screen when you are logged in as the nurse. The list of all reason codes is controlled by editing the NURSE_VISIT_REASONS codes table on the Nurse>Setup>Codes>Generic Codes>List screen. This allows you to select from the overall list of available Nurse Visit Reasons which ones you want displayed:


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