Lesson Planner Securable Locations and Access

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Lesson Planner Access

Access to the Lesson Planner follows all normal Genesis Role permission constraints.   All functions/screens are controlled by a set of Lesson Planner Securable Locations.

To give non-system administrators access to the Lesson Planner, you must create new Roles or update existing Roles to contain the Lesson Planner Securable Locations.  The set of Lesson Planner Securable Locations is described below.

There are three categories of Lesson Planner users:

  • Teachers who create / modify / use Lesson Planners
  • Reviewers who review Lesson & Unit Plans submitted by the Teachers.  The "Reviewers" are not Lesson Planner Administrators.  They are users whose jobs include the reviewing and commenting on Lesson & Unit Plans.
  • Administrators whose job it is to configure and manage the Lesson Planner itself.   Lesson Planner Administrators who are "system administrators" and already have the "sysadmin" Role do NOT need any additional Roles.  Lesson Planner Administrators who are not system administrators and do not already have the "sysadmin" Genesis Role do need to have their Role permissions updated to include the Lesson Planner administrative Securable Locations.

Lesson Planner Securable Locations

The set of Lesson Planner Securable Locations is given below.  There are no built-in or predefined Roles that include these; you must configure new Roles or update existing Roles to include these as necessary. These are simply suggestions on what screens are available to grant permission - this is not necessarily a required list of permissions to have in place. The following is the current list of Securable Locations that control parts of the Lesson Planner.  They are divided into three groups:

Access for Teachers

Securable Locations that control Teacher Functions:

  • lessonplanner.calendar - Controls access to the Lesson Planner > Calendar screen that is expected to be teacher's main point of daily access and usage.
  • lessonplanner.calendar.users.lessonpals - Grants additional access to the Lesson Planner > Calendar screen to allow teachers to see a read-only view of another teacher's Lesson Planner. The user must first be invited by the other teacher, by sending a 'Lesson Pal Request' which the user must 'accept' in order to take effect.
  • lessonplanner.mybooks - Master location for the "Lesson Books" screens.  This now controls both the Lesson Books screen and the List Books screen.  See user documentation for description of these two screens.
  • lessonplanner.mybooks.copy - Access to the Lesson Planner > Lesson Books > Copy screen, which allows teachers to copy lesson plans from a previous school year.
  • lessonplanner.mybooks.lessons.publiclibrary - Allows teachers to share a copy of their Lesson Plan to the 'public library'. Adding a lesson to the public library allows any teacher in the school to see that lesson plan.
  • lessonplanner.mybooks.link - Access to the Lesson Planner > Lesson Books > Link Books screen, which allows teachers to create or break linkages between their Lesson Books. When 2 or more books are 'linked' this automatically creates each lesson in BOTH of the linked lesson books.
  • lessonplanner.mybooks.units  -   Grants access to Lesson Planner > Lesson Books > Units to allow teachers to browse through their Unit Plans.
  • lessonplanner.mybooks.units.autodates  -   Allows teachers to automatically assign dates to Lesson Plans within the course's Unit Plans
  • lessonplanner.setup.lessonpal - Lesson Pal setup for Teachers.  Creating what are essentially working groups, so teachers may share plans with each other (Lesson Planner > Setup > Lesson Pal Requests).
  • lessonplanner.setup.preferences - Access to the user's personal setup options for how they would like their Calendar screen to work and other Lesson Planner preferences (Lesson Planner > Setup > Preferences)
  • lessonplanner.setup.staff - Access to teacher's ability to acknowledge their "Teacher" identities.  This is a required first step for all Teachers using the Lesson Planner (Lesson Planner > Setup > Staff to User).
  • lessonplanner.setup.standards - Grants read-only access to see a list view of the NJ Standards currently setup for the district (Lesson Planner > Setup > Standards).
  • lessonplanner.setup.templates - Permission for users to create and manage their own Lesson Plan Templates. (Lesson Planner > Setup > Templates). Note: Only give access if teachers should create custom Lesson templates for themselves
  • lessonplanner.setup.weekly - Access to the Weekly Layout tool, which allows teachers to quickly create a batch of blank lesson plans for the current week, in bulk (Lesson Planner > Setup > Weekly Layout).

Access for Reviewers

Securable Locations that control Reviewer Functions:

  • lessonplanner.reports  -   Grants access to the  Lesson Planner > Reports tab. At this time, there no built-in reports listed on this screen. The built-in lesson planner reports are administrative (see Setup > Reports for more details.
  • lessonplanner.review.reviewplans - Master permission to the actual review screens where comments can be made on individual plans (Lesson Planner > Review Plans).
  • lessonplanner.review.reviewplans.alldepartments - Allows specific permission to post reviews on courses in ANY department within the user's selected school (Lesson Planner > Review Plans > Lesson Plans Ready for Review).
  • lessonplanner.review.reviewplans.publiclibrary - Allows the reviewer to post a teacher's Lesson Plan to the 'public library' on behalf of the teacher who wrote the plan. Within the same 'Review Plans' tab.
  • lessonplanner.review.reviewplans.viewplans- Allows access for administrators to browse through any teacher lesson plans with read-only view (Lesson Planner > Review Plans > View Lesson Plans).

Access for Administrators

Securable Locations that control 'administrative setup' Functions:

  • lessonplanner.admin - Give a non-sysadmin user "Administrative Access" to the Lesson Planner (allows Lesson Planner to be accessed when lesson planner is in "admin mode". 
  • lessonplanner.mybooks.units.admin - Grants access to Lesson Planner > Lesson Books > Units to allow teachers to browse through their Unit Plans.
  • lessonplanner.setup.docs - Access to the Lesson Planner Setup "Document Management Integration" screen.  This allows the administrator to finish the setup of Lesson Plans and Doc Management.  In Document Management itself, at least one Document Type for "Lesson Planner" must already have been setup.
  • lessonplanner.setup.fields - Access to the Lesson Planner "Custom Fields" screen to create/name up to three local Lesson Plan fields and three local Unit Plan fields. This setup can be different per school (Lesson Planner > Setup > Custom Fields).
  • lessonplanner.setup.templates.admin - Access to the Lesson Planner > Setup > Field Templates screen to create/manage Lesson Plan and Unit Plan Templates as an administrator (access to configure school-wide Lesson Plan templates).
  • lessonplanner.setup.tools - Access to the "Move Lesson Books to Another User" and "Lesson Planner Configuration" functions, including putting the Lesson Planner in 'admin 'mode' (Lesson Planner > Setup > Admin Tools).

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